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Autologous Micrografting Technology – Regenera Activa

Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition and a type of baldness that is quite common among males and females. It is referred to as male pattern baldness among men and female pattern baldness among women. Men suffering from this condition start experiencing hair loss at an early age like in teens or early 20s. You will start noticing the receding hairline and the slow disappearance of hair from the scalp. Whereas, in women, androgenic alopecia does not cause significant thinning until the age of 40. They experience hair thinning all over the scalp and prominently at the crown. 

Androgenic alopecia can now be effectively treated with a new dermatological technique known as Autologous Micrografting Progenitor Cell Therapy. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® is the only clinic to offer this revolutionary technique in Dubai. 

*Facts You Must Know

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Local Anesthesia

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

3 Days

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Success Rate

Very High Success Rate

What is Autologous Micrografting?

Autologous Micrografting Progenitor Cell Therapy also known as Regenera Activa is the latest treatment designed to treat androgenic alopecia. It involves autologous cell transplant which is a well-known and commonly used procedure in regenerative medicine. Just like the traditional hair transplant, the patient is both the donor and the recipient in this technique as well. 

Autologous micrografting works by stimulating the treatment area with the help of progenitor cells and growth factors. A mixture of progenitor cells, stem cells, and precursor elements is obtained after a special calibrated process and filtration which is then injected into the scalp. This mixture has incredible regenerative capacity.

Are you a Candidate? 

Before getting the treatment, make sure you are the right candidate for the procedure. You should not opt for autologous micrografting cell therapy if you;

  • Are allergic to anesthesia
  • Have blood coagulation problems or cancer
  • Suffer from autoimmune diseases
  • Got another hair restorative treatment in the last six months
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding 

How is the procedure performed?

The autologous micrografting progenitor cell therapy is performed in the clinic in the following manner;

  • First of all, the dermatologist examines your scalp and numbs the grafting site with anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain.
  • After that, he/she takes a small section of skin from the back of the scalp (grafting site) because it is least susceptible to androgenic alopecia.
  • In the next step, the doctor separates the stem cells, progenitor cells, and growth factors from the collected graft by using a special device.  
  • The mixture thus obtained is then injected into the scalp using mesotherapy which stimulates the repairing process in the hair follicles. 

The progenitor cell therapy is performed once in a single session. However, you need to repeat the treatment after 2-3 years to stop the hair loss from progressing. Androgenic alopecia being a progressive condition cannot be repressed completely. You can slow it down or reverse its symptoms with autologous micrografting cell therapy.  

Post-Procedure Instructions 

After getting the treatment, you need to follow the guidelines provided by your dermatologist. Some major post-procedure instructions include;

  • Do not wash your hair on the day of the treatment. 
  • Avoid swimming, sauna, and heavy exercises after the treatment. 


  • The whole procedure is performed in a single sitting.
  • It offers visible results in just 30 days.
  • You do not require any specific preparation for the treatment.
  • It is a quick procedure that requires approximately 40 minutes to complete.
  • Autologous micrografting progenitor cell therapy is a safe and FDA-approved procedure.


You might experience slight swelling and redness on the skin during the recovery phase. However, it will subside within three days after the treatment. 


The results will appear within 30 days after the procedure. You will observe hair thickening and regrowth of lost hair. 

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Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® has always been a step ahead in providing cutting-edge technologies and treatments to its patients. We have maintained the legacy and are now offering the newly introduced autologous micrografting progenitor cell therapy.

You can consult with our expert dermatologists to know more about this latest hair loss treatment. They will examine your scalp and guide you about the candidacy criteria. Also, you can share your concerns regarding the procedure with our experts. So, what are you waiting for? Book your consultation now by filling the form given below. Once you fill the form, one of our staff members will contact you to book your slot.

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