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Chin Implant in Dubai

chinAn undersized chin can affect your facial contours and balance and alter your entire facial appearance. Chin implant in Dubai can greatly help in changing your chin for an overall improved facial appearance. Chin implants, also known as chin augmentation or mentoplasty, can correct a weak chin and strengthen the look of a receding one. Thus it improves the overall facial appearance and profile by recreating balance and harmony. Chin implants are favorable to both men and women.


Chin Implant Candidates

You may be an ideal candidate for chin implant surgery if:

  • You have a weak, receding chin.
  • The shape and size of your chin is affecting the facial contours.
  • Your jaw and teeth are functioning well.

Chin Implant Goals

Chin implant surgery improves facial contours by:

  • Improving structure of a receding chin
  • Giving volume to weak or smaller chin

Chin Implant Techniques

The purpose of chin implant surgery is to give volume to the chin and improving its contours. Non-surgical alternatives for this procedure are:

  • Injectable fillers: They are injected in the chin area to give volume to the chin and improve its contours.
  • Fat injections: In this procedure, fat taken from another part of your own body is injected in the chin area to improve its appearance.

Pre-op Prepration

During the pre-op visit, pictures for before and after assessment are snapped and out surgeon carries out a physical exam. You will be guided on what to do prior to the procedure and what to expect. Some common pre-surgical instructions are:

  • Avoid smoking as nicotine hinders healing process.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for a couple of days prior to surgery.
  • Discontinue use of anti-inflammatory medicines, supplements, and vitamins and make required adjustments in current medications.
  • Take the prescribed medications regularly.
  • Make recommended changes in your diet regimen.

Chin Implant Procedure

Chin augmentation surgery is a simple and easy procedure and takes between 30 to 45 minutes. The procedural steps are:

  • The first step of surgery is administration of local anesthesia.
  • Then surgeon will make a small incision beneath the chin.
  • The implant is then inserted and held in place, either by slipping it into a well fitted pocket or by attaching it to bone or soft tissue.
  • Finally, the chin implant procedure is completed by stitching the incision close.

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Chin Implant Benefits

Chin implant surgery is the highly beneficial procedure. Some of its benefits include:

  • It improves the definition and contours of your lower face specifically the chin area.
  • It restores the youthful appearance of your entire face.
  • It can easily be customized according to individualized desires and requirements of the patient.
  • It is the less invasive procedure.
  • It gives natural looking and permanent results.
  • It significantly boosts your confidence.

Chin Implant Recovery

Cheek implant surgery recovery varies from patient to patient but it is usually easy and comfortable for most of the patients.

  • Recovery after chin implant surgery is easy and you will feel fine the day of the surgery.
  • The chin area may feel tighter due to the extra volume added by the implant and the body’s swelling reaction.
  • The stitches will self-absorb after one to two weeks.
  • You will be able to resume your normal activities within a week.
  • In the case of an infection recovery time could take longer than normal but its occurrence is quite rare.

Post-op Care

Proper post-operative care is very important for successful surgery and a comfortable recovery. Our plastic surgeon will give you post-surgical instructions for smooth recovery. Some of the most common steps are:

  • Take prescribed medications to reduce pain and discomfort.
  • You may have to keep your head elevated to reduce the temporary swelling.
  • Only take up light activities on the day of treatment, avoiding stressful physical work.
  • You may have to consume a bland soft diet for a few days for your gums to heal if the incision was made through the mouth.
  • After eating you must rinse your mouth to keep debris off the stitches.
  • You may have to rinse your mouth with salt water, or mouthwash following surgery as prescribed by the surgeon.

Chin Implant Results

The final results of chin implant surgery will become visible in few months but they will be very effective and permanent.

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