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Every person is unique; and so are her needs and preferences. Variety does not just add beauty to our lives; it also affords us opportunities to be ourselves. It allows us to exercise our free will; it encourages us to like this thing and dislike that and express our attitudes without fear of being judged; it helps us follow our interests and callings making choices that ultimately carve our lifestyles, become unique as persons, and even master our destinies.

Variety or (to be more exact) variability also influences life in more concrete way when all kinds of players in various markets learn about consumer expectations in order to respond appropriately with a view to win more subscribers and customers. Hence the popular maxim, “Customer is the king.”

When it comes to services like medical tourism for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, this maxim seems to apply much more visibly. Why? There are quite a few reasons for this:

Firstly, there are already more choices than just a couple to achieve what a client wants using cosmetic procedures. Second, where clients want their procedures done presents another variety to choose from. Third is choosing and booking their procedure day and time. And fourth, what else would they want to do to make their tiome abroad as enjoyable as possible?

We, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, have made an effort to make all these choices easier for you. Our packages and plans are flexible enough to accommodate almost any of your needs and preferences.

Are you primarily looking for affordability, or is standard and quality service your top concern? Is getting personal attention and care what made you consider a medical tour, or is it visiting your dream destination, sightseeing, shopping and other typical, or even unusual, tourist activities that are the main source of your motivation?
Again, how long you would like to stay and how wide you may move and stretch yourself, what mode of travel you would like to use, etc are the kind of questions all of which will need to be taken into account. Since there are numerous levels and kinds of choices you can make, we need your answers to these and many other related questions before we can give final shape to your plan and make a package offer or quote that can best match your circumstances and preferences.

Our foreign patient coordinator can work with you to discuss all pertinent details, help you prepare the necessary documentation as well as make necessary arrangements

Since cost is the main concern for most overseas patients, here is some information just to give you an idea of how it works out. Factors that we take into account while calculating our charges usually include:

    • Location of our network clinic where surgery is to be performed

If you choose to get your procedure performed in a country like Pakistan, we will charge at considerably lower rates because our overheads and direct costs are also lower there.

    • Country of origin of the patient

Patients who belong to countries with lower per capita income are charged lower, too. This means that even though the patient may be staying and working in Dubai (where our main office is), for example, but if he or she originally belongs to a low-income country, due consideration is given to his or her situation and background.

    • Foreigners and patients from other states of UAE

We also offer special discounts to those who may need to fly from abroad or come from other states of UAE just for having their surgery done with us. As a compliment and in return for the trust they show in us, we charge them at up to 40% less than our usual rates. This considerably compensates for their traveling and other expenses,

We encourage you to contact us for a free online or telephonic evaluation session. This will go a long way to help you accurately estimate the cost for your surgery. Rest assured that with us you will not only get a generously discounted treatment but also a exciting and memorable medical tour.

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