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How To Achieve A Perfectly Photogenic Face

Tips , products and Treatments on how to achieve a perfectly photogenic face for your wedding day.

Stem Cell Face Lift

A minimal treatment with surgical results . The stem cell face lift is a rejuvenating procedure that is increasing in popularity. Rather than using blood it uses your own body…

Saving Face with Fotona 4D Face lift

The end of the year is round the corner. If you’ve been skimping on self maintenance in recent months, now is the time to get back on track so you…

Major Laser Revolution For Hi-Tech Skincare

The laser revolution is leading the way in hi-tech skincare . Friday looks at how these powerful beams are changing the beauty game.

Carbon Laser Peeling

Anyone who is looking for tightening , and to reduce the appearance of acne scarring , uneven skin tone or fine lines can go through carbon laser treatment. The treatment…

Hydropeeling At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Hydropeeling is the process of bringing back alive the dead cells of your skin , the process took around 20 minutes which is followed by a chemical peel . Hydropeeling…

Virtual Reality 3D Consultation

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery , UAE's  premier cosmetic clinic i now offering virtual reality consultations where patients get to see how they will look after the procedure. Any decision to modify one’s…

Is Your Skin Changing Colour

Skin pigmentation is a common problem in Middle East where the sun always shine for the better part of the year . Pigmentation occurs when there is under-production or over-production…

Fight Wrinkles At Home Or Age Proof Your Eyes

The beauty industry is, of course, massive. It involves everything from anti wrinkles to teeth-whitening toothpaste to ridiculously expensive shampoo that will transform your hair from “ordinary to extraordinary,” if…

Biorevitalisation Skin Treatment

Unicorn pedis, multicolored chrome and a moisturizer made of your own skin cells? The beauty world never ceases to amaze, and this year will be no different, says Anita Quade

Get Your Festive Face Glow At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

At this time of year when you skin, body and mind is beginning to suffer and scream for help, the lovely team at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery dragged me in for…
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