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Lip Augmentation Cost in Dubai

Thin lips are a concern for many women! Are you also one among them? No need to freak out as in this era of technology, it is possible to alter almost every part of your body from thin lips to wrinkly skin to a bald head. Lip augmentation is there to help you not only enhance your lip volume but also reduce appearance of smoker’s lines around your mouth to help you get the most kissable lips. One concern that you may be having is Lip Augmentation price, and don’t feel shy in admitting it as you are not alone. Every cosmetic procedure is just like an investment that you make today to enhance your appearance tomorrow.

Treatment Cost Factors

There is no fixed cost for lip augmentation, or a set formula to calculate the expenses that you will incur to get your dream lip size and volume. Numerous factors are involved in determining Lip Augmentation Price in Dubai.

Type of Lip Fillers

Lip fillers offer probably the safest, easiest and the quickest way to plump up thin, wrinkly lips. A wide variety of injectable materials is available to give your lips a voluptuous look. Some last for a few months while others stay there for several months. This divides lip fillers into three categories: temporary fillers, semi-permanent fillers and long lasting fillers. The former cost the least while the latter are the most expensive, but they also offer plumpness for several years.

Surgeon Expertise

Your ultimate results depend directly on the hands performing the procedure, and so does your cost of treatment. A board certified, highly skilled dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will not only deliver exactly what you want but will also charge you higher than other providers in the town. Safety and efficacy of lip fillers depends a lot on the experience of the person administering them. So, don’t try to compromise on the quality to save some bucks.

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Geographic Location

Lip Augmentation Price varies significantly as you move from one place to another. Getting lip augmentation in Dubai or any other city in some developing country will cost you less as compared to some metropolitan city in a developed country, like New York or London.

Lip Augmentation Cost

If you are concerned about cost of getting a voluptuous pout in Dubai, visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery now and get lip fillers at highly competitive rates. Estimated cost for lip fillers at DCS is 1,750 AED per syringe. However, this is not fixed price and can vary depending upon your personal needs and the type of fillers.

Offers and Deals

If you are on a budget don’t worry, we have something to offer to you as well. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery we totally understand the financial constraints of our clients and to help them look at their best in a limited budget we keep offering lucrative deals throughout the year.

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