Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Dubai

How it Works?

Laser sweat ablation is primarily focused on deactivating sweat glands in the underarm area. Scars from surgery are minimal and through various tests and studies it has proven that the treatment permanently reduces sweat production in that area any time after surgery. In normal cases a single session is enough to lessen the hyperactive sweat glands from working to a massive degree.

The factors involved are the degree of the condition, the power of the laser being applied and the patient’s biological anatomy including skin structure and subcutaneous tissue. A regular 60-80% decrease in symptoms is normal for most treatment, but if the issue is too acute, a secondary session can always be booked for a period of 3 months after the primary procedure with no setbacks.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Fotona Laser

The Fotona laser machine is the technology used with laser sweat ablation and it is the optimal choice due to a number of reasons. The erbium laser beam (wave length of 2940 nm) is a strictly controlled vaporizer that removes cellular layers in microns with each cu. The variable intensity of the laser beam and its force is dictated by what is being removed from the skin. Hence the biggest advantage of this laser is its minimized thermal collateral damage to surrounding tissue successfully achieved by adding to the force of the laser and reducing the time of effect.

Hyperhidrosis with Laser

Treatment Procedure

An Nd: YAG laser beam is transmitted under the skin through endoscopic surgery to permanently disable sub-dermal sweat glands through photoselection heating of the gland tissue with harm to the neighboring tissue. Only local anesthesia is necessary and the whole operation hardly takes an hour. General procedure steps are as follows;

  • Locating Sweat Glands: A simple starch test is conducted which entails the coating of the under arms with a mixture of iodine tincture and starch that is used as a pigmentation test to locate sweat glands from under skin. Where the sweat glands are locating the mixture displays a dark color whereas starch powder remains white where there are no sweat glands.
  • Surgery: Minor incisions (2-3 mm) are made in the skin under the armpit through which an endoscope and a cannula is introduced. The endoscope allows the doctor to visually track and treat the sweat glands with laser passed through an optical fiber that runs in the cannula. The ND YAG laser passing through that optical fiber destroys sweat glands layer by layer very precisely and the tool is manipulated by hand. The operation is concluded in an hour or so when the surgeon deems it finished through his viewing aided by the endoscope.
  • Removal: A certain cannula is eventually used to remove the ablated glands through suction action. Dressings are applied as well as topical antiseptic right after the procedure and the dressing remains on for 24 hours following the procedure. The doctor will prescribe infection preventive antibiotics and care regimen that includes washing the armpit with soap and water daily followed by topical cream application. Pain medication is rarely needed and is optional.

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Results and Recovery

Laser sweat ablation for Hyperhidrosis with Fotona was test run in two different studies over 33 patients over a time period of 6 months and the results were largely successful. Significant reduction in underarm sweating was noted up to 78%. With the sweat glands permanently removed ina  single session the studies reported patients experienced mild symptoms of recovery such as swelling, numbness and tenderness that subsided completely in a maximum period of 2 weeks.

Observations run on the treated area displayed that eccrine as well as apocrine glands were completely destroyed through precise laser ablation. These glands are responsible for releasing odorless moisture and fatty sweat respectively that releases odor when decomposed by bacteria on the surface of the skin. Results concluded after 6 months post operatively deemed the treatment successful and safety cleared. Since sweat glands are not regenerative in nature, the treatment of hyperhidrosis through laser therapy is permanent in nature.

Treatment Benefits

Laser therapy has brought about numerous advantages to the cosmetic surgery for hyperhidrosis.

  • It is a permanent answer for all forms of hyperhidrosis and the laser is now the treatment of choice by surgeons.
  • Minimal downtime and minimal prepping time required for surgery. total time taken for the surgery is one hour under local anesthesia enhancing ease and speed of the procedure and allowing patients to resume normal routine within a few hours of surgery.
  • The applications of Fotona laser for hyperhidrosis is safe, swift and efficient with almost no chance of complications and complete recovery in 4 to seven days.
  • Photo selection allows targeting of sweat glands only without harming surrounding skin tissue nerve endings or blood vessels.
  • Rejuvenating effect on the skin.
  • Very high success rate and immense patient satisfaction.
  • No scars left behind and almost no pain after surgery.

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