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Throughout the various stages of a woman’s life she will experience change in conditions of her sexuality that are associated with hormonal changes in the body and vaginal environment. These changes affect every woman’s physiological, psychological and sexual health in various ways.

Childbirth and menopause for instance change vaginal conditions and sometimes may lead to disorders such as genital itching, dryness, dryness, scar tissue and pain while performing intercourse. The majority of women are also shy in speaking about their intimate life even with their gynecologist. But women should also understand that these symptoms increase with time and will not go away unless treated.

Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome

As a consequence of ageing and childbirth VRS or Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome results in a loss ofoptimal vaginal configuration. Menopause also adversely affects this condition since it brings about change in hormonal levels and Vaginal Atrophy (explained in detail below). The colloquial term used for VRS is “vaginal looseness” and the symptoms include loss of vaginal tightness and excessive skin growth around the labia that may lead to pain during intercourse and decrease in sexual gratification.

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Stress Urinary Incontinence

This condition is endured by up to 30% of women following childbirth. SUI – in short – is termed as the weakness in muscular structure of the urethra region as a result of damage in pelvic tissue because of childbirth. Women who play extreme athletics may also experience this. The symptoms are uncontrollable leakage of urine in cases of increased abdominal pressure resulting even from normal acts such as sneezing. This can be very discomforting and ageing decreases the collagen production needed to repair these structures.

Vaginal Atrophy

Even the healthiest woman when undergoing menopause after the age of 45 onwards will suffer from vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, decreased sex drive and lack of vaginal muscular tone. The onset of menopause means a huge drop in estrogen levels since the ovaries lose their function of reproduction causing steady thinning of genital epithelial tissues, lack of vaginal mucosa and increased irritation from wearing clothes to intercourse.

All these conditions negatively impact a women’s psychological and sexual health. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery we have a cure for all these disorders yet most women are too ashamed to admit or disclose their condition due to insecurities.

Erbium Yag Laser

The Juliet Laser Machine is a state-of-the-art handheld laser device that can be used for carrying out inter-vaginal treatments by stimulating collagen growth and vulvovaginal mucosal secretion. With adjustable wavelength and selective heating options the Erbium Yag laser is highly soluble in water. With effective targeting of vaginal tissue layers, doctor’s can help women turn back the clock and regain comfortable vaginal structure by boosting muscular and tissue growth within the female vagina.

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Design & Effectiveness

The hand piece for the Juliet Laser machine includes a stainless steel tube (called the V-spot applicator) fixed with a quartz aperture above a 45 degree inclined gold mirror. The optic which is screwed into the tube reflects the laser beam – at a right-angle – generated by the machine through heating of the gold mirror. The laser beam passes through the aperture targeting inter-vaginal tissue and hence making it highly efficient with no loss of power. Moreover the entire tube and all its removable parts (except for the optic inside) are easily sterilized; hence removing the risk of infection or maintenance costs.

A specially designed MicroSpot optic engineered on an area of 9 by 9mm lets the doctor control which part of the tissue being treated by means of the grid on that area that is separated into 169 microspots. This breaks down the laser beam into hundreds of semi-rays and allows for gentle heat treatment accelerating wound healing and tissue growth. And of course the side effects are non-existent to this form of treatment.

Non Invasive Treatment

The Juliet Laser Machine opens the door to a whole new realm of non-invasive treatment by laser. The entire treatment hardly takes between 15 minutes to half an hour. Ofcourse the laser has not yet replaced conventional vaginal cosmetic surgery methods but it has allowed for us to treat a huge range of conditions without applying a knife to the skin.

As more and more women become aware of the possibilities that the Juliet Laser Machine brings to vaginal heath, the quality of sexual, psychological and physical health increases. With the Erbium Yag laser treatment is fast, painless and with no side effects as well minimal waiting period.

Learn more about vaginal treatments and don’t be shy to talk to our leading female experts by filling in our short consultation form for a free consultation. Vaginal disorders are real, but the good news is that they can be treated. Time is of the essence, find out more today about how young we can make you feel again!

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