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The robotic hair transplant system for male & female allows for automated harvesting of follicular unit grafts under the supervision of a skilled surgeon who has been performing the procedure by hand throughout their lives in manner that doesn’t damage surrounding tissue and without damaging the extracted/dissected graft itself. These advantages and added tools provide unparalleled precision that was previously unheard of in hair transplant surgery. FUE was the latest advancement in hair transplant techniques since it didn’t involve the scarring that was associated with strip harvesting, but robotic hair transplant has made the procedure further minimally invasive  leaving no linear scarring in the donor area and removing any post-operative functionality limitations after surgery.

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Robotic Hair Transplant System

The Robotic Hair Transplant system comprises of a mobile robotic arm attached to combined patient resting chair and computerized machine. The arm is equipped in manner that provides for imagery guided extraction and hair graft site creation capabilities, along with a computer user interface. The mechanisms involved in extraction comprises of a dual punch arrangement one within the other with the internal one being the sharp punch and the exterior sleeve being a more dull punch for follicle extraction.

In the process of extraction, the inner mechanism punches through the upper layers of the dermis to reach the roots of the hair embedded just beneath the skin. With gentle suction the inner punch holds the hair follicle stabilizing the skin tissue while providing feedback to the computer that monitor slight movements of the patient’s head to prevent any damage while the outer punch does its work. The exterior rotating sleeve of the external punch then follows through and extracts the follicular unit expertly from the neighboring sub-dermal tissue.

The technique employed here reduces any chances of injury to the grafts themselves as well as the surrounding tissue. The whole process shows up on a screen constantly supervised by the physician complete with color codes for different types of hair and grafts. With the controls in the hand of the surgeon and the automated machine doing its work, microscopic precision is optimized for best results.

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The brainchild of a combined taskforce of robotics experts and foremost hair transplant surgeon, the robotic hair transplant system makes use of cutting edge intelligent imagery and intuitive algorithms to enhance the follicular unit harvesting technique. Every hair follicle may contain up to 4 grafts of hair and the classification of hair follicles with their location and characteristics are coded in colors, tracked in real time (feedback updates are 60 readings per second).

The HD user interface offers difference views of the treatment area letting the surgeon regulate parameters without stopping the ongoing extraction procedure. The biggest advantage by robotic hair transplant system is the speed, safety, accuracy and precision that exceed far beyond the limits of manual techniques for clean and effective results.

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Hair Restoration Process

AS in FUE procedures, the robotic hair transplant system involves removing hair follicles from a donor area most commonly the back region of the patient’s head. In almost all balding patients this area of the scalp contains healthy hair follicles that can be extracted, dissected and implanted in balding areas of the scalp for effective hair transplant. Before the procedure is carried out this area of the scalp is injected with local anesthesia numb any nerves and providing a pain-free treatment.

Enhanced real-time sophisticated image processing as well as diverse control algorithms help physicians in identifying and harvesting targeted follicles. The machine can achieve both extraction and implantation of the hair follicles hence removing human error and possible damage from the equation while keeping the hair follicles as well as the scalp, healthy and scar free.

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 The physician can also manually guide the robotic hair transplant machine using the hair studio in punching in recipient sites for the grafts. With a simple input of hair restoration design that exist in a wide database the physician can get to work determining angle, depth, division and density of these sites. The robotic arm then can be counted upon to process this input and create sites in precise uniformity that is demonstrating with its graft harvesting abilities. A huge advantage this robotic hair transplant system has is that by scanning the recipient area, it can avoid making punch holes where there are existing hair follicles beneath the skin which is a complex task to perform by hand.

By singling out smaller or immature hair follicle units in both harvesting and implanting the robot achieves a higher efficiency rate in graft survival, implant survival and scalp health within a single session that far surmounts any manual capabilities known to surgeons before. The ultimate results are minimal scaring and greater turnaround that are important in creating a natural healthy hairline. Moreover a single graft can be dissected up to 3 times to create more grafts to be implanted.


  • Operation is pain free since no stitches, linear scarring or extended extraction time is necessary while operating under local anesthetic
  • Intelligent algorithms allows for correct and total extraction of the best hair follicles for harvesting.
  • Surgeon supervision combined with robotic technology delivers optimum quality grafts and better results.
  • With digital mapping and robotic harvesting the precision and consistency of securing grafts is ensured as the machine runs automatically in comparison to manual techniques.
  • Computerized recipient site creation optimizes the scalp for natural distribution and without damaging any existing hair cells under the skin’s surface.
  • Without the factors of human error and fatigue the potential for surgeon-caused problems is almost nonexistent and graft quality is like none other.
  • Fast recovery lets the patient get back to normal schedule as soon as possible without scars or long-winded recovery to enjoy their new life as soon as possible.

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