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Gene Therapy for Hair Loss

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical hair loss treatment used as an alternative to hair transplant surgery. It involves injecting small doses of a mixture of vitamins, drugs, minerals, and enzymes into the scalp. This cocktail has the power to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth. A variety of meso-cocktails are available in the market that can be used in hair loss mesotherapy. One such product is known as Derm Hair, and the technique is called Gene Therapy in Dubai.

Gene Therapy is a kind of mesotherapy used to reduce hair loss but is slightly different from it. The only difference lies in the ingredient used in Derm Hair meso-cocktail. This ingredient is known as X-DNA.

What is Derm Hair Meso-Cocktail?

Derm Hair is a cocktail formulated to treat the complete or partial absence of hairs due to genetic factors, hormones, stress, or malnutrition. It aims to nourish and stimulate the hair follicles, which helps in preventing hair loss. Since there are no hormones in the composition of Derm Hair, the hair growth achieved by it is for a longer time.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in Derm Hair products are;

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • X-DNA
  • Zinc
  • Arginine
  • Methionine
  • Lysine
  • D-panthenol
  • Sulfur
  • Cobalt
  • Chromium
  • Organic Silicon

What is X-DNA?

X-DNA is a distinctive ingredient involved in Derm Hair products. The primary function of X-DNA is to restructure the destroyed gene with a relatively more resistant gene. Therefore, this technique is also known as Gene Therapy.

Treatable Conditions

Gene therapy Dubai can be used to treat

  • Non-androgenic alopecia
  • Hairs damaged by chemical dyes
  • Traction

Which Area Can be Treated?

Gene therapy with X-DNA can be used on the scalp, beard, chest, or other areas with hair loss.

How to Use?

Gene therapy procedure is performed using micro or nano-needles, which inject the cocktail into the affected area. The Derm hair product used for therapy can be applied only once a week, and the treatment continues for 7 to 10 weeks. One session per week is the standard protocol to perform the procedure with one maintenance session per week. In addition to this, the required concentration of Derm hair product depends on the intensity of hair loss and size of the targeted area. Usually, 5 to 10 ml of product is used.


There are several benefits of gene therapy in Dubai. Some of the significant advantages include;

  • It stimulates hair growth.
  • Improves the shine, softness, and elasticity of hair.
  • Stops hair loss.
  • Treats non-androgenic alopecia.
  • It helps you get rid of dandruff.
  • Hydrates the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles.
  • Regulates sebum and sweat

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