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Thigh Lift Procedure FAQ’s

Thigh Lift Candidate?

This is the procedure to correct sagging skin of the thighs, whether it is due to weight-loss or from the effects of aging. The results are very satisfying and quite dramatic.

Procedure Description

This procedure can be performed under general anaesthesia or regional anaesthesia. Sometimes, liposuction along with thigh lift is needed. This procedure can be performed to correct sagging for the inner thighs. Thigh lift can also be performed for the outer thighs and buttocks. A hospital stay of one night possibly two nights may be helpful.

How Long does Surgery Takes?

Depending upon whether it is just the inner thigh, or both outer and inner thighs, the procedure may take approximately 2 to 4 hours.

What is the Recovery Time?

This is a relatively painful procedure. Some difficulty in walking and sitting is experienced in the first one to two weeks. About 1 week to 10 days of recovery is needed. Recovery in terms of exercise etc, may take three to four weeks or longer.

Time Off From Work

This again depends upon the extent of surgery, and the type of work. Sedentary office work can be started in approximately 10 days to 2 weeks. Other types of work, where more exertion or physical activity is required, may take longer.

How Long the Result Lasts?

It depends upon the age of the patient when the surgery is performed as well as maintenance of weight after the surgery. In an otherwise healthy patient with proper maintenance of diet, and some exercise, the results may last 7 to 10 years.

Is It Painful?

This procedure is somewhat painful and strong pain medication is needed at least for the first few days. There is some pain afterwards, but it is easily controlled by proper pain medication.

Thigh Lift Complications?

In a properly selected patients. The surgery goes quite smoothly. There are potential complications, however, which include prolonged swelling and bruising, possibility of infection and scarring. If liposuction is performed at the same time, the extent of surgery is increased and the risk of complications is a relatively higher. Though the scars are hidden in the growing crease or about the waistline for outer thigh and buttock lift.

Thigh Lift Cost in Dubai

The cost depends on the procedure. It includes the surgeon fee, hospital charges, anesthesia fee and also includes free consultation, free follow up for life time and an additional discount for future surgery.

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