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Scar Revision

Who Is a Candidate

Patients with wide, thick, depressed, or unsightly scars.

Intended Results

A scar that is less noticeable (flatter, thinner, smoother, etc.).

Procedure Description

  • Scar revisions are usually done under local anesthesia. If the scars are large or if the patient prefers, the procedure may be done under sedation and local or general anesthesia.
    The old scar is removed, and one of several plastic surgery techniques is used to repair the incision. The surgeon will use whichever technique will allow the best chance of obtaining an improved or excellent scar.
  • Thy extent of surgery, time off from work, and recovery time have to be determined on an individual basis.  The expected results also vary from patient to patient.  Actually, outcome of scar revision is difficult to predict.  Most of the patients are expected to get good results, but in some patients the end results may not be as satisfying.
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Approved by Ministry of Health UAE
Application #: SM54079
Expires On: 17/09/2017