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Injectable Fillers FAQ’s

Injectable Filler Candidates?

Fillers are mostly used for facial and body contouring. Hyaluronic acid or fat can be used, for enhancement of the facial features. Body fat can be removed from areas, it is not where desired and then it can be transferred to those area where enhancement is needed, for example, calves and Buttocks.

Procedure Description

Minor facial enhancements can be performed in an office setting under local anesthesia. For larger areas regional or general anesthesia may be required so the procedure has to be performed in a hospital. Other than fat, the fillers come pre-prepared in a syringe ready to be injected. Fat, however has to be first removed from some area of the body, for example abdomen or thighs, prepared, and then injected where it is needed.

How Long does the Procedure Take?

Minor enhancements of the face, which are performed in the office can take a few minutes, on the other hand, larger areas which require the procedure to be performed in the hospital may take anywhere from one hour to two hours.

What is the Recovery Time?

It again depends upon the nature and extent of the procedure. Minor facial enhancements practically do not require any recovery time and are essentially a walk-in procedure. Enhancements performed in the hospital may require, two to four days of recovery.

How Long the Result Lasts?

As mentioned earlier, most of the short term the fillers only last from four to six months and then they need to be repeated. Fat injections can last longer, though the exact length of how long it will stay cannot be predetermined.

Is It Painful?

Facial or body enhancements are not very painful, particularly enhancements of the face. Some bruising, swelling and discomfort is to be expected.

Injectable Filler Complications?

Minor complication includes asymmetry, and irregularity. Major a complications like infection, bleeding or scarring or not common.

Filler Cost in Dubai

The cost includes surgeon fee, hospital charges, anaesthesia fee. And it also includes free consultation, free follow up for life time and additional discount’s for future surgeries.

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