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Implant Replacement FAQ’s

Implant Replacement Candidate?

Patients who desire to have previously placed breast implants removed or replaced

Intended Results?
  • Removal of implants.
  • Possible removal of capsules (scar tissue) and residual silicone.
  • Placement of new implants.
Procedure Description
  • If only the implants are being removed and replaced by new ones, the operation can be done under local anesthesia and sedation, or general anesthesia.
  • If the capsules or scar tissue around the implants are also being removed, sedation and local or general anesthesia will be required.
    Usually the operation will be performed through the old incision (scar).
How Long does Surgery Takes?

A simple implant replacement should not take more than half an hour. However, if the capsule has to be removed as well, and if the position of the implant has to be changed, then the procedure may take up to two hours.

What is the Recovery Time?

A simple replacement of the implant does not require more then a day or so of the recovery time. But with removal of the capsule or other additional procedures, recovery time is similar to, as that of the original operation of the breast enlargement, which is approximately 3 to five days.

Time Off From Work

The time off from work is similar to recovery time, unless someone’s job requires heavy weight lifting or other manual work.

How Long the Result Lasts?

With the replacement of implant the breast enlargement is renewed. However the effect differ from one patient to another. In younger patients, the results may last much longer, than older patients and some additional surgery, for example breast lift may be required.

Is It Painful?

Simple implant replacement is not painful, at all. If additional surgeries are performed, for example, breast lifting or removal of the capsule then some pain is expected and pain medication may be required.

Implant Replacement Complications?

Possible complications or similar to those original breast enlargement procedure.

Implant Replacement Cost in Dubai

The cost includes surgeon fee, hospital charges, anaesthesia fee. And it also includes free consultation, free follow up for life time and additional discount’s for future surgeries

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