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Stem Cell FUE FAQ’s

How does Stem Cell FUE hair transplantation work?

It is a simple, minimally invasive procedure which uses a motorized punching tool for extracting individual Follicular Units from the donor site. Once enough number of grafts has been harvested, the surgeon plants them in the areas with significant hair thinning or bald patches. Use of automated punch makes hair transplantation a lot faster and the precision also increases many folds.

Does Stem Cell FUE cause prominent scarring?

A unique quality of Automated FUE is that it does not cause scarring in the donor or recipient area, not even pinhole scars. The automated punch tool used for graft extraction harvests only a small part of the graft, leaving behind a growable part of the root, from which new, healthy hair grows again. This way, Stem Cell FUE neither causes scars nor does it affect the hair density in donor area.

Will my transplanted hair look natural?

Hair grown through hair transplantation, regardless of the graft harvesting technique, look natural, and Stem Cell FUE is no different. Once your transplanted hair has fully grown, even you would not be able to differentiate between existing and transplanted locks.

What is the healing/recovery time?

Healing after Stem Cell FUE is quite quick, like most patients are able to resume routine activities the next day after the surgery. However, complete recovery may take 4 to 6 months. Hair growth from transplanted follicles is no different than the traditional FUE and FUT techniques. It takes 8-12 months before an individual is able to see the final results.

What is Cost of Stem Cell FUE?

Cost of surgery varies from person to person and from one surgeon to another. There are several factors that affect cost of treatment, including the extent of baldness, required number of grafts, experience of the surgeon and the geographic location of your provider. For a fair idea of your cost of surgery, book a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our highly skilled surgeons and let him assess your hair loss.

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