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Hair Transplant with ACELL FAQ’s

What exactly is Hair Transplant with ACell?

Hair Transplant with ACell is actually a combination of two really effective surgical and non-surgical hair growth techniques – Hair Transplant surgery (as the name suggests) and ACell/PRP Hair Loss therapy (the non-surgical procedure). The surgeon first performs hair transplant surgery as usual, using any of the three most commonly used techniques – FUT, FUE and Stem Cell FUE method. The surgery is followed by ACell/PRP shots to not only speed up recovery process but also trigger healthy hair growth.

When ACell will be injected?

Many people confuse surgery and the ACell shots, believing that both the procedures are performed simultaneously on the day of surgery. But this is not true. The patient is allowed to go back home after the surgery and is called for a follow up a few days after the surgery. It is in that follow up session that ACell/PRP shots are administered.

Will ACell shots make my hair grow early and quickly?

ACell shots do affect hair transplant results, as it speeds up the recovery process and increases graft survival rate. But it does not make hair grow earlier or quicker. Your grafts will take the same time to grow as they will take in case of a traditional transplant.

What is ACell/PRP Hair Loss Therapy?

ACell/PRP Hair Loss Therapy is an FDA approved highly effective non-surgical hair restoration method. ACell’s Extracellular Matrix is a naturally occurring protein which is known for its tissue regenerative properties. PRP, on the other hand, is the acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma, obtained from the patient’s own blood. PRP is rich in growth factors. Together, ACell and PRP help counter hair loss by strengthening androgenically miniaturized hair follicles and stimulating adult stem cells in the scalp. This allows for healthy, robust hair growth.

What is Cost of Hair Transplant with ACell?

There is no fixed cost of Hair Transplant with ACell. It varies significantly from person to person, depending upon the extent of hair loss and the number of grafts to be transplanted. To get a fair idea of the cost, book a FREE CONSULTATION with our experts.

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