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FUT Hair Transplant FAQ’s

Who is suitable for FUT hair transplant?

Anyone having bald scalp can benefit from FUT hair transplant. Generally speaking, hair transplant is fit for everyone who has

  • Sufficient donor hair supply
  • Skin laxity(in case of FUT)
  • Stopped losing his/her hair

However, diffused thinning of hair which appears usually in women cannot be treated with this traditional method, as it does not allow for body transplantation.

Can I get FUT Hair Transplant while I am still losing hair?

Although hair restoration can be performed on a patient who is losing his hair, it is recommended not to have hair transplant at a younger age because it will create unnatural pattern of hair later in life. Besides that, you may not have enough donor hair to fix hair loss progression.

How many hair grafts would I need?

Number of hair grafts that a person would need to cover all the thinning areas depends upon the extent of balding and size of area under treatment. Only a surgeon can tell you how many grafts would you need to create desired density in affected area. To get an estimate of required number of grafts, book a FREE CONSULTATION with our experts.

How can I get rid of the prominent linear scar caused by FUT Hair Transplant?

We offer scar revision surgery to help you camouflage and even completely cover the scar. The best way to get rid of telltale scar caused by strip method transplant is to regrow hair on the scar with FUE or Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplantation.

What is cost of FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai?

There is no fixed cost for any hair transplant method. However, people prefer getting surgical hair restoration in Dubai because prices here are quite affordable. Average FUT Cost starts from AED 10, but again it varies from one surgeon to another, depending upon the experience and reputation of the surgeon. Hair Transplant Dubai clinic offers FUT hair transplant at highly competitive rates. For more details, call us now visit us for an absolutely FREE CONSULTATION. To book a free appointment, fill the form below.

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