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FUE Hair Transplant FAQ’s

What is the difference between FUE Hair Transplant and FUT Transplant?

FUE and FUT are two most frequently used Hair Transplantation techniques. The latter is an older technique, a more invasive one. In FUT hair transplant the surgeon excises a linear strip of hair bearing skin from the donor area, and dissects it further to obtain grafts for transplantation.

On the other hand, in case of FUE hair transplant, there is no cutting or stitching of the scalp skin. Instead, it uses a small punch tool for direct extraction of individual grafts from the donor area.

Can I choose between FUT and FUE myself?

You can discuss your preferences regarding FUT and FUE and all other issues with surgeon. Surgeon listens carefully and after examining your scalp condition and donor hair supply decides more suitable procedure for your treatment. You can show your concerns and preferences but it should be the surgeon who takes last decision because he knows your hair better than you.

Will FUE Hair Transplant leave scar on my scalp?

The traditional FUT method leaves a linear scar on the back of the scalp that you would need to hide with your hair style. FUE does not leave a linear scar but tiny pinprick scars that are not visible until you get your head shaved off after having hair transplant.

How FUE Hair Transplant help overcome limited donor hair problem?

FUE hair transplant is best known for addressing shortcomings of FUT method – tight scalp and limited donor hair supply problem. If you don’t have enough healthy hair on your scalp, FUT cannot help you. But in such a case, FUE method can be helpful as it allows for hair extraction from body parts other than scalp – such as chest, back and thighs etc. This is called Body Hair Transplantation.

Is FUE hair transplant cost very high?

FUE hair transplant cost does not follow a standard. It depends on various factors, including number of hair grafts needed, the surgeon you choose and the geographic location of your provider. FUE does cost a little more than FUT, but it cannot be rated as very high. You can also discuss the cost factor with the doctor before opting for the procedure.

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