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Female Hair Restoration FAQ’s

Do you perform hair transplant procedures on women as well?

Yes, like male pattern baldness, female pattern hair loss is also quite common. A latest study has shown that over 40% of women around the globe suffer from androgenic hair loss – a type of genetic hair loss characterized by significant hair thinning all over the scalp. Although hair loss pattern in women is quite different as compared to their male counterparts, the procedure of surgical hair restoration is similar for both.

Which hair transplant method is more suitable for women?

Like men, women can also benefit from both strip method transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction, but the latter is considered as a preferred choice, as women are more conscious about scars. However, it is your surgeon’s job to decide which method will be best for you. He will assess your hair loss pattern before selecting the donor area and deciding which technique will be suitable for you. For a free appointment with our female hair loss experts, fill the form below.

Can Traction Alopecia be corrected with hair transplant?

Yes, advanced stages of traction alopecia, where the roots of your hairs have been damaged to the extent that they have completely lost their ability to grow hair, the trichologists usually recommend surgical hair restoration. Healthy hair follicles are extracted from the areas that have not been affected by traction alopecia and transplanted in the hairless patches. For a FREE CONSULTATION for traction alopecia, call us now or fill the form below

Can women benefit from eyebrow and eyelash hair transplant?

Women are as good a candidate as men, when it comes to facial hair transplant. In fact, eyebrow and eyelash transplants are considered more of female procedures. Men are usually not concerned about the thickness and length of their brows and eyelashes, as long as there are some hairs present there. But females always wish to have thick and healthy brows and even thicker and longer eyelashes. To help women enhance their eye beauty, surgeons have devised eyebrow and eyelash hair transplants.

What is the cost of female hair restoration?

There is no fixed cost for female hair restoration. Your cost of surgery will vary depending upon the type of hair loss, extent of hair loss and the hair transplantation method used. FUE hair transplant usually costs a little more than the traditional FUT method. For further details, book a FREE CONSULTATION now by filling the form below.

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