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Artistic Vertex Design FAQ’s

What is Artistic Vertex Design?

Artistic Vertex Design is a latest advancement in surgical hair restoration to help people restore a fuller head of hair by transplanting hair specifically in the crown area. It is mostly considered a procedure for men with stage 3 hair loss on Norwood Scale. But anyone with significant hair thinning in the crown area can benefit from this type of surgery.

What is the difference between Artistic Vertex Design and a typical hair transplant surgery?

There is no specific difference between the two except for the fact that hair restoration in the crown area is more taxing and demanding, courtesy the whirlwind orientation of the hairs at the top of the head. If not done according to the spiral course of the crown hairs, hair transplant treatment can be a total failure with transplanted hair standing haphazardly.

Can women also get Artistic Vertex Design?

Women are considered as potential candidates for crown hair restoration female pattern hair loss often targets the crown area only, causing significant hair thinning in the center and at the top of the head. Healthy hairs from the sides are extracted and planted in the thinning vertex.

How many grafts will be needed to redesign my vertex area?

The number of grafts needed varies greatly from person to person, based on the extent of hair loss/ thinning and the desired hair density at the vertex. Only a hair transplant expert can better guide you in this regard. For a FREE CONSULTATION, fill the form below.

What is the cost of Artistic Vertex Design?

There is no fixed cost for any hair transplant method, including Artistic Vertex Design. It varies from person to person and place to place depending upon various factors, required number of grafts being at the top of the list. To get a fair idea of the cost of procedure, consult our experts. Fill the form below and earn an absolutely FREE CONSULTATION now.

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