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Facial Reconstructive Surgery FAQ’s

Are there any side-effects?

Normally, it is said that the procedure isn’t linked with any side-effect. However, there can be some potential side-effects that include scarring, bruising, infection, swelling, and pain.

But, if you get the services of an experienced surgeon then the chances of developing these side-effects reduce.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is less painful as preventive measures are taken before the procedure. Furthermore, some pain killers are prescribed for a specific time period after the treatment to deal with the pain.

Is Facial Reconstructive Surgery Right for You?

The procedure is right for most of the people, who are suffering from skin cancer or other skin diseases that may affect their facial features. The experts from the University of Michigan state that the procedure has more than 95 percent chances to cure your health issue if you are suffering from skin cancer or any other related disease.

Does reconstructive surgery differ for children and teens?

Yes, the procedure and other implementations of the reconstructive surgery differ in various ways. Teenagers and children don’t have fine lines and wrinkles, so it becomes difficult for the surgeon to hide scars. In addition to it, they have fast healing power that affects the selection of technique and suture materials. Last but not the least, selecting the technique for performing the procedure among youngsters is a paramount aspect.

How long does it take to recovery?

Our board-certified surgeons believe that aftercare is essential and it plays a great role in the recovery procedure. We schedule proper follow-ups for our patients to ensure their well-being during recovery procedure. If you follow the instructions properly, then it will be helpful for you in reducing your recovery time period and fast healing.

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