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Stem Cell Facelift FAQ’s

What does the stem cell facelift cost?

Every person comes with different requirements and different problem. So, it is not possible to give the same quote for every individual. So, it is recommended to get a consultation with one of our expert doctors to know the exact amount as per your case.

Is there any downtime?

No downtime is required after getting this procedure.

Is recovery period too long?

The recovery period is not too long, in fact, it is short. Furthermore, it depends on the severity of your problem. You need to follow the instructions of your doctor if you need fast recovery. Almost 7-10 days are required for complete recovery. You need to keep yourself away from the direct sunlight. So, we always recommend the use of a quality sunscreen.

Does it leave scars?

No, the procedure doesn’t leave any scars as no surgical instruments are utilized in it. Specifically designed instruments are utilized for injecting the stem cells and fat in the desired areas of the body.

Does make my face look fat after this procedure?

The procedure works wonders by managing the three-dimensional balance of the youthful appearance. So, there is no chance to get fat face look.

Does the procedure require general anesthesia?

No, administration of the general anesthesia isn’t required while performing the procedure. Hence, we use local anesthesia for numbing the area.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes, the procedure is approved by FDA, so it is 100% safe. Your own body tissues are used to perform the procedure so that you may not face any negative impact.

Is it painful?

There is not much pain as a pain killer isn’t required to manage the pain. However, you may feel some soreness due to injections. This soreness may remain for almost a week or less.

How may long results last?

The results may last for a number of years. However, some aspects may affect the results. These aspects include genetics, habits, and lifestyle. Fluctuation in the weight and smoking habit may also affect your results badly. Well, our most of the patients maintain the quality of their results and skin texture for more than a year.

How many sessions are required?

You may need multiple sessions to get enough results. Also, it’s required to maintain existing results. Only one session isn’t enough. Further, our expert doctor can guide you in this regard by analyzing your situation and knowing your expected results.

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