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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) FAQ’s

Nose Surgery Candidate?
  • Patients with an abnormal appearance of the nose as a result of birth defects, injury or disease.
  • Patients with a nose that is cosmetically unattractive or does not “fit” with other facial features.
  • Patients with a nasal obstruction due to a deviated nasal septum (divider between the two sides of the nose).
Is the pre Rhinoplasty analysis important?

The accurate analysis of this procedure before Surgery is very important. Nearly 50% of the result depends upon the pre-operational analysis of the procedure. Patients should bring the photographs of their desired nose with them before the surgery so that their surgeon could have an idea about the type of nose shape needed by patients.

What is the best age for Rhinoplasty?

The best age for the surgery is when a person is about to stop growing which is 18 years however it can be performed at any age as long as the person is in good health.

Intended Results
  • A more attractive nasal shape.
  • A nose that is more proportionate to other facial features.
How Nose Surgery is Performed ?
  • The Rhinoplasty is done on an outpatient basis under sedation and local or general anesthesia.
  • If a simple fracture or dislocation is present, manipulation of the nose with instruments may restore the nose to the pre-injury appearance with no cutting or incisions.
  • If a complex fracture or dislocation is present, a more formal operation may be required to solve the problems.
  • In Septoplasty, which is performed on the patient with a deviated septum, the crooked septum is straightened through incisions inside the nose.
  • In standard Rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside the nostrils. The nasal bones, cartilage, and soft tissues are reshaped to improve the external contour.
  • In open Rhinoplasty, which is frequently used for difficult or larger noses, one external incision is made across the columella (strut between the nostrils). Bones, cartilage and soft tissues are reshaped under direct vision.
  • In tip-plasty, which is done when only the tip is abnormal, either a standard or external approach is used to modify the shape.
    Large nostrils may be reduced through tiny incisions at the outer base of the nostrils with either type of Rhinoplasty.
How Long Does Surgery Takes?

The surgery can take from 1 – 1 1\2 hrs depending on the nature and complexity of the procedure.

Will I need to have post procedure touch-ups?

Not all rhinoplasty surgeries require post procedure touch-ups, only about 15% do.

What will happen after the rhinoplasty procedure?

A numbing agent is usually given to the patient so that he/she will be pain free for some time. The nose is usually swollen and it should not be blown for some days. There maybe some bruising but this disappears with time. The surgeon usually puts a splint on the nose then removes it a week after the procedure.

What Is The Cost Of Nose Surgery Treatment?

The cost depends upon the amount of work need and the fees includes surgeon fee, hospital charges, anesthesia fee and it also includes free consultation, free computer imaging, free follow up for life time and an additional discount for future surgery.

What Are Nose Surgery Complications?

Some bruising and swelling are expected, they subside in two weeks. The risk of infection, bleeding and scarring are minimized with careful planning and proper execution of the procedure.

Do You Use Computer Imaging?

Yes, we do computer imaging and it is a good way to get an idea about how the nose will look after the surgery. However, it should be understood that computer image is just a guidelines of what can be accomplished from the surgery. It cannot be guaranteed that the result will be exactly be the same as generated by the computer image.

Will there be any post-operation procedures involved in the surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure and the patient cannot always get their desired result. In that case, you will be needing a post operation surgery called corrective Rhinoplasty for the desired results.

Take Off From Work?

Most of the patients are physically fine to be able to move around and perform sedentary work, however there is some swelling and bruising around the eyes and there is a splint on the nose which prevents people from going in public. Splint is removed in 1 week and most of the swelling and bruising is gone by that time as well.

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