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Non-surgical Facelift FAQ’s

What is non-surgical facelift?

The procedure is non-surgical by nature as it is demonstrated by the name. Also, it helps in solving your facial problems by injecting your own plasma on the specific area. It is also known as vampire facelift. A technology that is known as Selphyl is used to injected your own blood for your aesthetic benefit.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes, the procedure is approved by FDA and 100% safe. Your own blood is used to perform it so there is no chance of any side-effect if performed with full care.

How long does the procedure last?

Basically, it depends on the technique that you got. Furthermore, the time period may differ on individual basis according to your severity level and how well you have performed the instructions provided by the doctor. Till now, all of our patients have revealed satisfactory results.

Do skin color and type matters?

No, the skin color and type don’t have any effect on the results and treatment. So, anyone can get this procedure without any hesitation.

How long the results may last?

The results may last for several months to years. Every individual is different so results also vary from person to person. Furthermore, the level of severity and other aspects may also play their role in this regard.

How many sessions are required?

Only one session isn’t enough to get desired results, so you may need almost 4-5 sessions to get desired results. However, each session will provide you observable outcomes. You will not feel discomfort during or after the session. Also, each session is just a matter of almost 30 minutes.

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