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Lip Augmentation FAQ’s

After-care for Lip Augmentation?

You need to do proper care of your lips after getting the surgery. In this way, you will be able to get best possible results. You need to be careful and don’t rub your lips for a specific time period. Peel pack ice compresses are used for keeping your lips at ease. Furthermore, you should use lip moisturizer to remain comfortable.

Is lip augmentation reversible?

You need to know the fact that lip augmentation is temporary, so it goes away with the time. Hence, if you have got the lip implantation, then it is reversible. However, you need to consider this aspect while going to get the procedure as it is difficult to remove permanent injectable.

Lip Augmentation Prices - How Much to Get Plumper Lips?

The price of lip augmentation varies as per your requirements and the product that you need to get the procedure done. You need to ask your practitioner for exact cost. Hence, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, the price starts from AED 1,750 or $476 per Syringe.

Best Fillers for Lip Augmentation?

Various fillers are available for lip augmentation, however, Hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are considered as the best fillers for lip augmentation. These fillers are soft and they provide natural results to the person. Furthermore, collagen is utilized for the lips. Well, fillers are more lasting as compared to collagen.

Lip Augmentation Risks and Side Effects?

You need to have a clear idea of what you are going to get for your lip augmentation. Usually, it is said that there are no side-effects of fillers. Well, you need to ask your practitioner as he/she will let you know after examining your skin. Furthermore, the procedure comes with various risks. The risks include scars, bleeding, numbness of the lips, bumps, and lumps, infection, allergic reactions, unsatisfactory appearance, and sometimes you may need to repeat the process.

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