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GPS Laser Liposuction FAQ’s

Is procedure effective?

Yes, the procedure is highly effective. We have a number of patients and most of them are satisfied and happy with the results. Less downtime is required to get visible and effective outcomes.

How is this procedure beneficial to me?

The procedure is beneficial for you in a number of ways. Firstly, the procedure is different from traditional liposuction. First of all, the fat is melted with the use of GPS laser. After that, the fat that becomes liquefied is removed from the body with the help of a suction cannula. The method is safe and less painful as compared to the traditional method. So, you will get less bruising and swelling when you get this procedure. Furthermore, the heat produced by the laser will be helpful for you in creating new collagen that makes your skin smooth and tight.

What areas can I treat with GPS laser liposuction?

Almost all areas of your body are treatable by using this method. If you have stubborn and additional fat in an area of your body, then laser liposuction is the best choice to remove it. Usually, neck & jowls, abdomen, waist, hips, breast, chest area, cheeks, thighs, ankles, knees, and even buttocks are treated with this method successfully. All of our surgeons are board-certified and they do it in a professional way.

What would be recovery time?

You need to know the fact that our body reacts differently to any treatment as compared to any other’s body so the recovery time may also differ. You may get slight bruising and swelling after the procedure that is considered as normal. Also, our doctor will provide you some specific instructions that may help you in recovery.

Is the procedure helpful in weight loss?

The procedure isn’t designed to help you in weight loss. Most of the people take it in this form but this is just a misconception nothing else. Your body contains some stubborn weight that may not go away through exercise and a balanced diet. In such situation, GPS laser liposuction will be helpful for you. However, you should know regarding its candidacy before making any decision.

How much GPS laser liposuction costs?

The cost of the procedure differs from individual to individual. Every person is different, you may need the procedure on a different area as compared to other, and so the severity may also differ. Some other aspects also play involve while calculating the cost. You will know the exact cost of your initial consultation. You should get the cost by availing our FREE consultation.

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