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Breast Reduction For Men (Gynecomastia) FAQ’s

What Causes Gynecomastia?

Most of the time there is no specific underlying medical condition. It can happen in an otherwise healthy, normal young person. Sometimes there are other causes of gynecomastia, for example intake of certain medications or hormonal imbalance. Obesity also plays a role in the appearance of gynecomastia. A thorough evaluation before surgery is important to rule out any underlying problems.

How Long Does the Surgery Take?

The length of surgery depends upon whether just liposuction alone will suffice or removal of the breast tissue is also required. Sometimes there is redundant skin, which needs to be removed as well in that case, the surgery may take much longer. Usually, the surgery can last from one to three hours.

How Long Is the Recovery?

In general two to three days of rest at home after the surgery is sufficient, some swelling and bruising will be there for about a week. Physical activity is to be restricted for two to three weeks after the surgery. Most of the patient can begin office work in about three to four days. Full activity usually can be resumed in three to four weeks.

How Long Does The Result Last?

Once the excess breast tissue is removed, the chance of recurrence of the problem is minimal, only in those cases where the patient gains a tremendous amount of weight after the surgery the problem can recur. In other words, the results are long-lasting and permanent.

Is It Painful?

There is some pain for the first few days, which is easily controlled by appropriate pain medication. Some tenderness may last another few days, usually most of the patients feel comfortable in about three days to a week.

What Are The Complications?

Other then some swelling and bruising possibility of infection, scarring, hematoma or seroma formation exists. Numbness in the nipple is possible, as well as inversion and scarring.

What Is The Cost?

The cost depends on the procedure. It includes the surgeon fee, hospital charges, anesthesia fee and also includes free consultation, free follow up for life time and an additional discount for future surgery.

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