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Body Jet Liposuction FAQ’s

What makes body jet liposuction different from other liposuction techniques?

You will get long-lasting results with smooth skin along with reduced downtime and discomfort when you get body jet liposuction. In addition to it, safety, less bleeding, less/no downtime, less swelling, reduced scarring, and consistent results are the aspects that make it prominent among other related treatments.

Is Procedure Effective?

The majority of our patients are happy and satisfied with the results when they get the procedure from our clinic. The results are observable and effective with less downtime.

What about recovery time period?

Local anesthesia is administered to perform the procedure. Usually, we recommend the rest of almost 2 days, and then you may get back to your work routine. The purpose of this recommendation is just to provide some rest to your body so that healing process can be better. Furthermore, you will be instructed to drink more water during the recovery time period. Also, intake of the balanced diet is recommended.

How much body jet liposuction costs?

The cost may differ from one person to the other. Every person is different and the severity of the problem and expected results are also different. These and some other aspects play their role in fluctuating the cost. A consultation is recommended to know the exact cost of your treatment.

What areas can be treated?

You may get this surgery on any part of your body where you need to make changes. Hence, it is recommended to get it to the areas where you have stubborn fat that is not manageable with the help of exercise and diet. These areas usually involve thighs, abdomen, chin, and arms. You should get the consultation of our expert surgeons to know further in this regard.

Are there risks associated with the treatment?

Everything that comes with various benefits also keeps some risks with it. It’s not compulsory that everyone experiences these risks but there is the p0ossibility to get these risks. Some of the most common risks include;

  • Redness
  • Swelling in the targeted areas
  • Skin irregularities
  • Pain

Here, it is essential to note that these risks are not on a permanent basis. In addition to it, we have never got such complaint as all of our surgeons are board-certified. However, if you have chosen your surgeon carefully then these chances become reduce.

Is this procedure helps in weight loss?

No, because it is a misconception. The procedure works for you if your body contains some stubborn weight that you cannot reduce through diet and exercise. In such situation, this procedure helps in contouring your body. So, before getting the procedure, you must know its candidacy criteria.

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