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Buttock Augmentation FAQ’s

Are there any risks associated with this procedure?

Some of the risks that are associated with buttocks augmentation include asymmetry, shifting of butt implants (if you had them), excessive bleeding, infection, and negative reaction to anesthesia. Hence, if you get the procedure from an expert doctor, the chances of side-effects reduce.

Does it seem fake? Will I be able to tell the difference on myself?

The results of buttock augmentation seem natural if you get the services of an expert surgeon. This is the reason, it is always recommended to be careful while selecting your surgeon.

Others cannot tell that you have gone through a procedure. If you need to get more refined results, then go for the fat transfer technique.

After how long I will be able to see the results?

Right after the procedure, you will be able to see the results. But, to notice exact and final results, you need to wait for a few weeks for the removal of bruising and swelling.

What should I expect during the consultation and after surgery?

During a consultation, you may expect the examination of your buttocks and a brief explanation of your treatment. At this time, our surgeon will provide all the necessary information regarding the procedure and will answer your questions. Hence, after the surgery, you will be asked to maintain your follow-ups to ensure best possible results.

Do I have to wear a compression garment after the procedure?

After getting the procedure, you have to wear the compression garment so that you get best results. We will provide you the compression garment.

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