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Non-Surgical Perio Therapy Using Waterlase

Gum disease is a serious oral health issue that is common among people. Here, at DCS, we are offering latest non surgical perio therapy using waterlase. Laser dentistry has made a renovation in treatment ways and now periodontal disease can be treated without any kind of side-effects and pain. Even less downtime is associated with the treatment. The Waterlase dental laser technology allows our expert doctors to repair and treat damaged gum tissue that might consider to be treated with oral surgery.

What is Waterlase Laser Technology?

Waterlase is the latest art of dental laser technology. This technology allows our doctors to remove disease that is causing bacteria by using a small laser light. The laser is applied on the gums to remove the bacteria that is causing discomfort, pain, and swelling. The pain factor is less with the procedure as this device keeps tooth hydrated during the procedure.

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A number of beneficial aspects are linked to the use of this procedure. Nowadays, most of the doctors recommend the use of this procedure instead of performing a gum surgery. Hence, our doctor will discuss available treatment options on the basis of your issue in the initial consultation. We focus on the individual requirements of our patients so we offer both traditional and advanced treatments to accomplish desired goals and maintain your oral health.

Benefits Of The Procedure

  • No drills are required.
  • Less downtime is linked to the procedure.
  • Less bleeding.
  • Less swelling.
  • Only diseased tissue is removed.
  • Minimally invasive procedure.
  • Safe procedure.
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How Does It work?

Perioscopy features advanced microscopic video technology with up to 48 times magnification. In addition to it, the technology allows the direct vision of the tooth root in order to boost the conventional cleaning, root planning, and scaling tactics.

Latest technology brings new advantages. Along with providing non-surgical, pain-free, and comfortable treatment, the procedure also targets invisible deposits that cause inflammation & bleeding. Periodontal disease and other dental issues can be indicated at an early stage with the use of this technology. Most significantly, the standards of oral healthcare lead to the next level in assisting the treatment of tooth loss or other dental or gum diseases.

No doubt, non-surgical procedures are not helpful in each and every situation. There are the conditions when it becomes necessary to perform a surgical procedure. In such situation, our doctor will let you know the severity of the problem and discuss this aspect with you. We are also dealing with surgical procedures.

Preoperative Instructions

Our doctors will provide you some specific instructions that you may need to follow before starting the procedure. It is not necessary but depends on the severity of your problem.

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We will provide you details regarding the procedure in the initial consultation.

After Laser Therapy

Just getting a procedure successfully is not enough, but you need to follow some particular information after the procedure to avail its real benefits. Aftercare instructions will assist you to make your recovery easy and achieve best possible results. Following are some of the basic guidelines that can be changed on the basis of your individual case.

Follow care plan provided by the doctor.
Intake painkillers or prescribed medicines (if required).

Some postoperative benefits that are linked to the procedure are under as;

You will feel little or no discomfort after the procedure. So, there is the possibility that you will not need medications to manage the pain.

  • You will get more cosmetic results.
  • You will recover fast, even within 24 hours or less.
  • The procedure promotes tissue re-growth.


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