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Scarless Breast Augmentation

Invisible scar breast augmentation in Dubai is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on improving the whole aesthetic of the breasts and an additional goal of making sure the scars are invisible or well hidden from the naked eye. No woman in her right mind would ever want her surgical procedures known by purposely or unintentionally show her scars to the world. Especially if the circumstances would need them to wear skimpy bikinis at the beach during the summer or if time would need them to strip off their clothes. Doing such would need a lot of courage and confidence which invisible scar breast augmentation in Dubai can give you. This type of surgical procedure aims to keep the scars hidden or invisible to the eyes and so expert surgeon found ways to make hidden incisions at areas of the body that scars won’t be too obvious or prominent.

Best Locations for Incisions:

  • Armpit Incisions: this type of impression is usually made in the armpit area which is away from the breasts and the best vital place to hide scars after it all heals. The axilla or armpit incision after the healing period eventually blends in with the creases in the armpits’ skin which makes it the best option for invisible scar breast augmentation procedure.
  • Under the Breast Incision: this type of incision is strategically made under the crease of the breasts. Incisions made are usually only four to five centimeters per breasts area.
  • Umbilical Incision: This incision for a fact does not leave any scars on the breasts itself for it is the farthest away from the breasts area. This incision though is not very much popular among surgical surgeons.

Invisible Scar Breast Augmentation Procedure:

  • This procedure cannot be possible without the presence of a general anesthesia. This helps stop any kind of discomforts for the patients who have low pain tolerance and have fears of going under the knife.
  • Small incisions will then be made after surgeons and nurse assistant make sure the anesthesia has started to take its work. Incisions will depend upon what the patient and the surgeon has talked about during their first meetings prior to the day of the operation itself.
  • Incision will then be made either on the armpit area or under the breast. These incisions should not be longer than 1.7cm at minimum so it will heal and diminish on its own after a while.
  • A pocket will be created where the incisions were made to give way for implants to have enough space to be inserted underneath the chest muscles.
  • These implants will then be filled with solution like saline and silicone through a tube inserted on the incision.
  • After the surgeons make sure the Breast implants are filled according to the size the patients requested, these will then be closed by a self-sealing valve.
  • Incisions will then be stitched together with sutures.
  • The surgeon should have the expertise of applying sutures in the incision top make sure there are no visible and prominent scars in the end.

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