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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures & Treatments

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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic surgery comprises specially designed surgical procedures that can help you improve your appearance from head to toe. Cosmetic procedures – when performed in expert hands – can result in more beautiful, attractive and young looking appearance making you more gorgeous and confident you.

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons keen to fulfill the requirements and expectations of our prestigious clients by offering their valuable services.

Listed below are the services that we offer at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery:

Arm lift surgery

Arm lift Surgery can help you get rid of bat wings and sagging appearance of your upper arms – resulting in taut and firm appearance.

Breast augmentation

Seeking a reliable and long lasting method to enlarge your small and undersized breasts and improve your figure to the desired one? Breast augmentation is the solution to your problem.

Breast lift

Has aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss left your breasts sagging? Get breast lift surgery and raise your breasts to more firm and youthful appearance.

Breast reconstruction

Want to restore the appearance of partially or fully lost breasts due to mastectomy or any other trauma? Breast reconstruction surgery is the right option for you.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is the procedure that can not only help you reduce the size of your overly large breasts to more attractive appearance but also helps relieve pain and discomfort caused by their weight and size.

Male breast reduction

Are your enlarged breasts keeping you from wearing your favorite tea shirts or are making you more conscious about your appearance? Consider male breast reduction surgery and get your problem solved.

Brow lift surgery

Do you think your droopy eyebrows and forehead lines making you look older than you feel? Brow lift surgery can give you the appearance you desire.

Buttock augmentation

Do you feel your rear needs a little boost? Get buttock augmentation surgery and improve the size and shape of your butts to desired one.

Buttock lift

Buttock lift surgery is a right option for you if you want to restore the firm and taut appearance of your buttocks that have lost their volume and shape because of aging or significant weight loss.

Cheek implant

Want to improve the appearance of your sunken cheeks? Cheek implants – that are intended to emphasize the cheeks – can help you regain their youthful appearance.

Chin augmentation

Do you feel your recessed chin needs a little boost? Get chin augmentation done and give a more attractive appearance to your chin.

Chin reduction

Do you feel your chin is large and is not in proportion to your rest of facial features? Chin reduction surgery is worth considering.

Dimple creation

Do you want to get those cute and beautiful dimples on your cheeks or chin? Get a simple procedure – dimple creation surgery – and make your smile more attractive.

Ear surgery

Ear surgery – medically known as otoplasty – can correct your too small, too large, protruding or asymmetrical ears to desired appearance.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery can give your eyes more refreshed and youthful appearance by eradicating all the visible signs of aging on your upper and lower eyelids.


Facelift surgery is the only most effective and longer lasting procedure that can help you reverse the aging affects such has lines and creases, sagging skin and lost volume on your face and restore its youthful appearance.

Facial reconstructive surgery

Facial reconstructive surgery comprises various techniques that can help restore the normal appearance of trauma or accident affect face by treating facial deformities and distortions.


Want to feel young again? Get labiaplasty – vaginal rejuvenation – done, feel young and be confident in your sex life.

Lip enlargement

Want full and luscious lips like Angelina Julie, Scarlett Johansson and Monica Bellucci? Get few shots of fillers in and around your lips and get the most kissable lips.

Lip reduction

Bigger is not always better, when it comes to lips. If you feel your overly large lips are affecting your facial beauty, consider a simple and short lip reduction surgery and get desired defination and size of lips.


Want to get rid of those pesky small deposits on your arms, tummy, back or other localized areas of body that are unresponsive to exercise and dieting? Liposuction is perfect option for you.

Makeover cosmetic surgery

Are you a new mom? Want to regain your pre-pregnancy body? Get makeover cosmetic surgery and look fit and young again.

Neck lift surgery

Neck is perhaps the first area to show aging signs in the form of creases and sagging skin. Neck lift surgery can dramatically improve the appearance of your neck by creating smooth and attractive jaw line and neck.


Do you feel your nose is too large, too small or crooked or your uneven nose bridge or asymmetrical nostrils need improvement? Rhinoplasty – aka nose surgery – is the solution to all these problems.

Facial scar removal

Do you have any kind of scars on your face? Facial scar removal can help you improve your facial appearance by disguising, relocating or minimizing the prominence of scars.

Post-surgical scars

Scars that may be small or large and more prominent are a must side effect of any surgery. If your surgery has resulted in more prominent ones, consider post-surgical scars treatment.

Surgical scar revision

Get surgical scar revision and minimize the appearance of those prominent scars caused by surgery, burn or trauma anywhere on your body.

Thigh lift

Do you feel your flabby thighs need a lift? Get thigh lift surgery and improve the appearance of your thighs to the desired one.

Tummy tuck

Are you struggling hard with your protruding tummy but of no use? Don’t worry! Tummy tuck surgery can help you get taut and contoured midsection.

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