Platysmaplasty Surgery in Dubai

In most cases, a neck becomes the first victim to age. Signs of ageing appear sooner on the neck as compared to face. Lines, saggy skin and excess skin may appear on your skin that makes your neck and overall appearance undesirable.

Platysmaplasty is a neck lifting surgical procedure that is helpful in reducing the lines, excess skin tissues and loose-hanging skin from the neck. It gives you a firm, smooth and toned neck and simultaneously improves definition of jaw line.

Platysmaplasty Candidates

Usually, men and women who opt for a platysmaplasty are above 40 years. But saggy skin or neck bands may appear on your neck due to genetic reasons, sun exposure or weight gain. You can opt for a platysmaplasty treatment if;

  • You want to have a smooth neck
  • You want to have a well-defined and toned jawline
  • You have lines and bands around the neck
  • You have excess skin and fatty tissues around the neck
  • You have saggy skin
  • You want permanent results

Preparing for Platysmaplasty

In an initial consultation with your surgeon, you will be given a set of instructions to follow before the surgery. You must follow those instructions to get expected outcomes from the treatment. Some of the common instructions given are;

  • Share your complete medical history with your doctor. Let him know about any previous medical conditions you have been through or any treatments you have had.
  • You will have to stop smoking at least 2 weeks before your surgery.
  • Discontinue use of aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications at least a week prior to the surgery. These medications can cause bleeding.
  • Buy the medications that your doctor has prescribed for before and after the surgery.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes on the day of your surgery.
  • Arrange someone who can drive you back home from clinic when your surgeon feels you are good to go home. If possible, ask someone to come over because you may need help for at least initial two days after surgery.
  • If the surgery was performed on your face or neck, you may need other items, such as extra pillows to elevate your head while you sleep.

Platysmaplasty Procedure

Platysmaplasty may take 1 or 2 hours to be completed. At first, general anaesthesia would be administered. Your surgeon will make incision, however he may make an incision under the chin or make incisions behind the ears to access the platysma muscle. The excess skin is removed and redraped tightly.

A small amount of muscle can be trimmed, if the need be. Afterwards, the stitches are made. You can go home after the effects of anaesthesia are gone or you be asked by your surgeon to stay overnight so he can monitor your condition.

Platysmaplasty Recovery

  • You are likely to experience discomfort and tightening of the neck for initial few days.
  • You will be able to continue normal routine in less than a week.
  • Your surgeon will remove the stitches in 7 to 10 days.
  • You would be recommended to avoid rigorous physical activities for few weeks.

Post-Op care

You must follow the instructions given by your doctor to make the recovery process smooth and easier without any complications.

  • You may experience certain pain, discomfort and tightness in the neck after the surgery, but your surgeon will prescribe pain medication that helps in reducing the discomfort.
  • You will be asked to avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Your surgeon may suggest you cold compresses to make recovery period easier.
  • You will be asked to keep your head elevated with the help of extra pillows for a week or two after the surgery.
  • You must not take off your bandages without asking your surgeon. Your surgeon may recommend you to change few dressings or you can clean them.
  • You will be given a topical gel or ointment to remove the appearance of bruises.

Platysmaplasty Results

The results of the platysmaplasty are immediate, you will see the difference after the bandages are removed. The results are long lasting and natural looking.

Finding a Surgeon

You can get a sleek, smooth and slim neck that will have a great impact on your overall appearance with platysmaplasty. But most important factor behind the successful surgery is an experienced plastic surgeon. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, a team of renowned plastic surgeons and specialized staff awaits to you attend your needs. To get a free consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, you can fill in the online form.

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