Cost or Price of Buttock Augmentation

Everybody isn’t born with having an attractive figure and for some people exercise also doesn’t work in a way they want. Cosmetic surgeons have developed different procedures for the benefit of human being. Butt augmentation is one of them. The procedure has been famous among people for many years. The purpose of this treatment is to enhance your butt and provide you the curves that you want. In this way, the procedure works for making your body in a way you want, boosting your confidence, and enhancing your lifestyle. There can be various reasons behind sagginess of your butt. The technique varies for every person and so the Buttock augmentation cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It can be genetics, premature aging, poor lifestyle, a sudden change in weight, or pregnancy. The sagginess of butts make your look unattractive, but luckily you have the advanced procedure of aesthetic surgery that makes wonders for you. How? Let’s find out!

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What Is A Buttock Lift?

Buttock lift refers to a procedure of cosmetic surgery that allows you to enhance the shape and overall appearance of your buttocks. The procedure can be performed solely in combination with lower body lift and lipectomy. In addition to it, this procedure can be performed as a single technique. You also need to know the fact that surgery is used for improving the tightness and contouring of your butt and it is not supposed to add volume.

Cost Factors To Consider

Following are the factors that play their part in the cost.

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  • Surgeon’s Fee

Surgeon’s fee is one of the important factors that need to be considered while calculating overall cost for any cosmetic treatment. It is a fact that all of the surgeons aren’t capable of performing such tricky procedure in a well-mannered way. However, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, all of our surgeons are expert enough to perform latest techniques carefully on the basis of individual requirements.

  • Anesthesia Fee

Another important factor is the fee for anesthesia. It is essential to provide anesthesia to the patient before treatment. The amount and quality of anesthesia should be good in order to perform the procedure in a desirable manner.

  • Costs Of The Lab Tests And X-rays

A number of lab test and x-rays also matters a lot. If your surgeon asks you to get done with these tests by yourself then the cost will not be included in the overall cost. Hence, when we are providing you all services under one roof then the cost will be increased to some extent.

  • Facility Charges

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the facility charges. While you are calculating cost then you need to add charges of anesthesia, medication, compression garment, nurses, and stay time period. All of these things play their role in reducing or increasing the amount.

  • Type Of Procedure

Buttock augmentation price in Dubai & Abu Dhabi highly depends on the selection of the type of procedure. Different types of techniques are available in order to perform a specific procedure. If you just want a butt lifting procedure then it may cause less as compared to implantation and fat transfer. Moreover, the shape of your buttock and efforts that need to provide your desired results play their part.

  • Post-op Services

All of the clinics aren’t providing post-op services. We are providing proper follow-ups so that we can have a look whether everything is going well or you need our assistance. Our team will be connected to you for a specific time period after treatment.

Cost Of Buttock Augmentation At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we are offering you Buttock surgery at affordable rates. The cost starts from AED 30,000 and $8,174. However, the cost may vary on the basis of the individual case.

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