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Macrolane Injection for Buttocks

Innovated by the cosmetic brand Q-Med, Macrolane joins the ranks of other renowned dermal fillers such as Restylane and Perlane that were also developed by the same company as an injectable hyaluronic acid gel used for contouring and augmenting certain areas of the body.  Macrolane’s use however is not for facial treatment and is specifically made for augmentation treatment of the buttocks. Macrolane injection for buttocks effectively produce desired results.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for Macrolane injection for buttocks are those who desire minor augmentation to certain body parts for increasing tone, firmness and aesthetic volume without choosing surgery. The treatment is best recommended for shaping breasts, calves and buttocks as well as smoothening skin imperfections caused as a consequence of surgical procedures in few cases. All the following eligibility criteria is for men and women both.

  • Treatment of depressions and discrepancies caused due to uneven liposuction
  • Enhances the shape and aesthetics of the buttocks
  • Patients ought to have realistic expectations from treatment
  • All patients must be physically fit and mentally stable
  • It is a good treatment for helping out patients who feel insecure about their figure
  • Also for those who feel like they have lost firmness and tone in their buttocks
  • Best suited for those who do not wish to undergo surgery or permanent change in figure
  • Patients requiring a subtle improvement in shape and tone of their buttocks
  • Patients needing instant results for specific (personal or social) reasons

Before Treatment

Each treatment has its pros and cons and you ought to know about them before treatment. One you leave our clinic after this pre-operative consultation you will be better-versed about this treatment and know which results to expect. Hence it will be up to you to take a decision. Luckily for you this first pre-op consultation will be free of charge or obligation if you sign up for it from our website.

Buttocks Procedure

  • Initially the doctor will outline your procedure again for you right before surgery, as he/she did on the pre-operative consultation day. Once the consent form is signed and you are prepped for treatment, a local anesthetic will be injected to numb nerve endings and prevent discomfort during the minimally invasive treatment. This also means that the patient will be conscious throughout the procedure to communicate and guide the doctor for suitable and better results.
  • Macrolane injectable therapy then occurs after a 2-3mm incision is made in the crease beneath the buttock followed by more anesthetic injected to numb the sub-dermal layers after which the filler is injected with the aid of a thin cannula or long needle attached to a syringe containing the filler. Macrolane is injected deep into the subcutaneous layer of tissue above the buttock muscles using one syringe at a time until the surgeon achieves the desired effect.
    The feeling a patient will undergo is a slight tugging during the course of the injectable therapy. This can be mildly uncomfortable for some patients but there is no pain at all.  The total operating time ranges from 30 to 90 depending on the extent of treatment. Results can be observed instantly after the treatment but take some time to finalize when recovery completes.
  • Also due to body metabolic processes hyaluronic acid contained within the Macrolane gel will be absorbed by the body overtime hence the necessity of periodic top-ups of Macrolane is needed to maintain aesthetic results.

Our Surgeons

Buttocks Recovery

Simple painkillers and antibiotics will be prescribed as oral medication to be taken in this recovery period. Such medications can be easily bough over-the-counter and are needed to treat discomfort symptoms that will eventually subside on their own.

In most cases patients quickly resume normal routine after treatment but the doctor would always recommend that you take it easy after treatment and let your body heal completely for improved results and minimized risk of complications. Do not massage or exert the treatment area for two weeks post-operatively.

Treatment Results

Results can be observed immediately after treatment immediately but they are only initial effects combined with swollen tissue reacting to the injected gel. Final results will be apparent in a few weeks and will remain that way for a period of 12-18 months after treatment since the hyaluronic acid will break down due to natural body metabolism processes. Yearly top-ups will be required depending on the volume of Macrolane injected and treatment area.

Treatment Benefits

Macrolane injection for buttocks augmentation has a lot of benefits for patients sine it s minimally (and non)-invasive solution for contouring and reshaping specific areas of the body. No general anesthesia is needed which means lesser risks that come with general anesthesia, extensive surgery or long-winded hospital stay for recovery. There is immensely lesser scarring involved as compared to invasive surgical procedures. On top of that this treatment can deliver better and more natural looking results.

Free Consultation

Get a free consultation with our specialists today by singing up for it on our portal where you have to provide your name, contact info and query so we can back to you. Macrolane injection for buttocks can be your reality as soon as possible!

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