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Overweight people and those who suffer from obesity have been observed through years of research to indulge in a unique physical habit that has gradual overtime effects on the brain and its recognition mechanisms for eating that can be termed as eating disorders. By tricking the brain into continuously over-eating eating disorders can increase food intakes to dangerous levels that can culminate eventually to fatal diseases in conjunction with lazy lifestyle and decline in personal perception. Botox in Abu Dhabi is not only great for weight loss but also for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

*Facts You Must Know

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Time Required 1 Hour
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery Time None
Success Rate Very high Success Rate

How it Works

Botox in Abu Dhabi has been around for a while and continues to astound us with its various remedial uses.  Farmed and harvested through bacteria culture, Botox is a neurotoxin that has a variety of uses in contemporary medicine. Upon its administration in a neuromuscular junction Botox for weight loss injections the neurotoxin has the ability to interfere with neurotransmitter compounds in the region causing non-permanent muscular relaxation.


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Type Botulinum toxin is injected into the stomach around the Vagus nerve, allowing the muscles involved in holding the content of the stomach to stretch and retain food for longer periods of times. In a Botox for stomach injection is the deeper muscular tissue of the stomach is partially paralyzed to inhibit muscular contractions responsible for passing out food normally and in overweight subjects; abnormally. Once the gastric rate is slowed down the patient can feel full for longer periods of time and hence reduce their total calories intake.

The Vagus is the transmitter nerve in the stomach muscle responsible for sending the satiation signal to the brain. Through temporary paralysis of this nerve food is delayed from passing into the intestines and subjects who underwent this treatment ate a lot lesser in the weeks ensuing treatment losing up to an average of 20 pounds.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for this kind of treatment are usually evaluated for treatment by the practitioner/physician themselves. A person ought to have realistic expectations from this treatment and should mentally healthy. Physicians also look at past medical records and other physical as well as lifestyle aspects to determine if the patient is eligible for surgery.

Insurance sometimes does cover weight loss through Botox injection. Be sure to check with your provider for details on this treatment. You can sign up for a consultation with one of our specialists to get a financing plan or quotation.


Stomach Botox injections is something new that people would not only have a hard time hearing about but also believing in. Not many people find it believing that Botox can be sued for weight loss but it is very much possible and has been approved by licensing authorities in various states all over the world for its safety and success.

While people would generally assume a host of problems with this kind of treatment; that is not the case since the complications that arise are the mixed reviews on the procedure because of the opposing schools of thought on this matter. Botox itself does not contribute actively to weight loss but it can help gradually overcoming obesity through the conditioned mental processes that make obesity and eating disorders chronic.

Most people do not understand or need that kind of approach in their lives since investing time and money to get a treatment not yet popular that does not actually treat obesity can be too demoralizing for the patient.

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Results and Benefits

Research studies have concluded that on the average of all contrasting results; the rate of food passing through the stomach decreased from 20-50 percent of its former speed. The results and benefits may vary for each person but in general they are listed as follows.

  • Good for people with small weight loss goals (10-15 Kgs)
  • In an overweight person a 10 kg loss in 6 months can make all the difference between giving up and staying motivated
  • Patients can take it up as a good incentive or a boost to change lifestyle.
  • Doctors report patients have undergone broader lifestyle changes after this injection
  • While the injection targets nervous sections of the rain associated with the disorder of obesity itself, it’s far reaching mental effects usually augment sit’s physical benefits.
  • Studies suggest that although Botox injection for the stomach didn’t always cause weight loss in human subjects it is believed to be the first of its kind in simple, safe non-invasive treatment for the nerves associated with satiation by activating and deactivating them.
  • The results involved in understanding the mechanism of the stomach and how Botox can help it by injecting it into a muscle that operates on hormonally-induced nervous signals allows patients to retain their stomach contents and hence their station for longer periods of times.

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Types of Fillers

Types of stomach fillers for weight loss

  • Restylane Fillers
  • Perlane Fillers
  • Teosyal Fillers
  • Aliaxin Fillers
  • Juvederm Filler
  • Radiesse Filler

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