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A consultation with your plastic surgeon before any treatment is what the most important step is in achieving your aesthetic targets. Here are few tips that will help you make the most out of your consultation with any plastic surgeon;

Research Before the Consultation

It is true that your surgeon will explain all the aspects of the treatment including the preparation, procedure, recovery period, expected results, and cost, but you should research on your own first. You must have read about the treatment and make a list of questions that you don’t understand to ask from surgeon because it’s your chance to ask anything you have in your mind. If you don’t know about the treatment, you will not be able to share your concerns completely with the doctor.

Your questions must include the details of the procedure, use of anesthesia, pain, and discomfort during and after the surgery, where will the procedure be carried out, results and possible side effects.

You can bring some visuals to explain it to your plastic surgeon what you are expecting from the cosmetic treatment. On the other hand, the surgeon could also show you before & after photos from other cases to tell you what to expect from the treatment.

Ask Certifications of Your Surgeon

It is your right to ask your surgeon about his qualifications and experience in the relative field. You must ask him if he has board certifications so you are confident about his competence & you can rely on him. You should also ask if the clinic is registered or not.

Discuss Pros & Cons

Every beneficial treatment might carry some potential risks with it. Ask your plastic surgeons about the advantages and disadvantages associated with the procedure so you can make a rational decision. Ask your doctor to share his experience with previous clients and procedures which can help you in keeping realistic expectations from the treatment.

You can judge the attitudes of the staff members and environment of the clinic, if your instinct also agrees to go for the treatment, we think you should go for it.

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Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers absolutely free consultation with its team of board-certified plastic surgeons. If you are seeking a cosmetic procedure and you have queries about it, fill in the given form to book a meeting for yourself. Our surgeon would give you honest suggestions to help you achieve the best results possible.

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