Why is it important to visit a Dermatologist in 2018?

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Visiting a dermatologist at time might save a lot of hassle

  • There are thousands of other problems which can affect our skin, other than acne, wrinkles or hair fall. Symptoms like pimples, redness, itching, rashes, pus or any alien affect direct to visiting a dermatologist. A dermatologist has majored in treating skin, hair and nails.
  • However, acne is the most common disease, which can be caused because of bacterial germs. If acne is not treated properly it can leave permanent scars on the skin. A dermatologist can treat acne with various treatments; e.g., by prescribing oral medication, creams or gels, or laser therapy etc.
  • Your dermatologist can help you improving your appearance, other than the diseases. Some treatments improve the look of your skin or hair. So, if you’re unhappy with your appearance, you should see a dermatologist. He/She can help you deal with your aging problems and help give skin a youthful expression. A dermatologists’ prescription would save you from the damage of sun rays.
  • Regular check-ups for skin cancer can save your life. It is the most common type of cancer. Any symptoms for skin cancer would be judged earlier. In fact regular check-ups with your dermatologist will make sure you’re safe from any of such glitches.

Bald patches and thin hair are the worst of all nightmares, which a dermatologist can fix by various methods; medications, laser therapy, or surgeries. Any method which is suitable to restore your hair growth depending upon the reason of hair loss.

Do you know what does the white spot on your nail means? A dermatologist can actually detect serious disorders such as liver disease, heart conditions, anaemia or diabetes by examining your nails. Minor nail disorders like ingrown nails, white spots, fungal infections and warts can be treated effectively with recommendations made by your dermatologist, too.

However, these 10 conditions show the importance of visiting the dermatologist;

  1. Acne
  2. Wrinkles
  3. Rosacea (Redness)
  4. Itching
  5. Rashes
  6. Bleeding
  7. Skin infections
  8. Prevention of skin cancer
  9. Hair loss
  10. Extreme dry or oily skin
  11. Unhealthy nails

These skin conditions and others can be treated effectively while under the care of a dermatologist. Our Skin Specialists can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. If the cost of a dermatologist is stopping you, you should consider discussing your budget with our dermatologist in Dubai.

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