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Are you having one or more skin lesions on the face? Do you want to remove them? Have you tried different methods but all in vain and now you are searching for a credible one? Whatever the case is, if you are in search of the best skin lesion treatment in Dubai, then this website would prove as the best source for you. We have collected information from our doctors and surgeons so that you can know best options. This article discusses top 5 ways to remove skin lesion on face. Continue reading to know more in this regard!

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What is Skin Lesion?

Skin lesion refers to the excessive part of the skin that grows abnormally. It seems different from normal skin. You may get it on any part of your body, but normally it grows on the face. However, it can be different in shapes and color.

Why Skin Lesion Removal Is Required?

If you have developed a skin lesion, then you should go for its removal as it may lead to the infection or cancer. Furthermore, it may cause another skin disease. Even it can be life-threatening for you. Avoiding discomforting is one of the basic reasons to get the treatment done.

Ways to Remove Skin Lesion

Different ways are available that range from home remedies to the surgery. However, as discussed, we will discuss 5 top ways. So, these ways include topical medicines, shave excision, scissor excision, cryotherapy, and laser treatment.

Usually, the treatment is performed in a clinic under the supervision of an expert doctor or surgeon. The procedure may involve complexities on the basis of the selected technique. So, it is necessary to choose your doctor carefully as it is the matter of your skin as well as life. Some people lose their self-esteem because of this skin problem. They may restore their self-esteem by opting for the right treatment option. Read the following ways, and discuss with your doctor to select an effective treatment method.

  • Topical Medicines – If the problem is just started and it can be controlled then you may get the prescription of a topical medicine. With the advancements in science and medicine, various topical medicines are available that help in controlling the problem.
  • Shave Excision – Another technique is recognized as shave excision. This method is recommended when you have a lesion above your skin. A small blade is utilized to remove the affected skin layer. Only an expert surgeon can perform it. However, no stitches are required.
  • Scissor Excision – This technique is similar with shave excision. Hence, a pair of scissors is utilized to remove the infected layer of the skin. This technique also needs no stitches.
  • Cryotherapy – This technique is also known as freezing. As the name reveals, a specific type of solution is applied on the affected area that freezes skin tissues for a minute or two. A cotton swab is then used to remove the lesion. It works by breaking down the tissue of lesion by freezing it.
  • Laser Treatment – A latest laser beam is applied on the targeted area to perform this technique. This is one of the most advanced methods. Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgeries, we are having latest lasers so that you can get outstanding benefits. Hence, multiple session (2-3) are required to get rid of the infectious issue completely.

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Hopefully, the above-mentioned techniques would be helpful for you to get best skin care treatment. You can contact us anytime in case of any query!

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