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Tips to Prepare Your Skin For Winter

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Skin For Winter

The calendar has turned to November and it’s the time for winter arrival and in most of the areas it already feels like winters. With the changes occurring in the season, our skin also gets changes. The change in the season is always a stress on skin and this is the reason that most of the people complain about the changes in the tone and texture of the skin. There are a number of tips and techniques and prevention measures that can help you prevent your skin from getting damaged in the winter season. Here we will discuss about some of such tips that most of the experienced dermatologists also approve.

The most common problem that skin faces during winters is roughness and dryness. Skin is the biggest organ of our body as well as the first line defense acting as the largest immune system. When the skin is kept moisturized, it becomes a strong barrier to resist any damage and if it’s dry that results in appearance of cracks and fissures, which makes it easy for germs to enter it and cause irritations. You can get rid of dryness by taking shorter showers and keeping your skin hydrated with the use of moisturizers. Hot showers can make your skin dry, so reduce your time for taking shower. Switching from moisturizing lotions to creams is also a good option because creams are more moisturizing as compared to lotions and provide a strong barrier to reduce water loss.

Most of the people skip sunscreens in winters due to less exposure to the skin. But this is not a good idea because sun still damages the skin. If you don’t want to use sunscreens, go for the skin creams that have built in sunscreens but make sure they must have SPF 30 or higher.

Your skin needs exfoliation in winters too and is more beneficial because exfoliation removes the dead skin cells that make it easy for moisturizers to sink in more effectively. Applying moisturizer immediately after exfoliation is a beneficial tip for winter season.

Proper diet and intake of water is must in every season but in winter it plays more important role in achieving glowing and healthy skincare in winters.

If you think, the changing season is affecting your skin badly, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist in order to get a suitable solution to your problem.

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