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There are many things that you should take under consideration before undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgeries have become a bizarre circumstance for people to enhance their appearance and their self-esteem. Even if these procedures have become a common thing you must think for a while so you are confident about the big step you are about to take.


You should research well about the costs of plastic surgery procedure that you need to undergo. So, that you can choose the best doctor with best price. We will not recommend that you go for lowest prices irrespective of other factors because your health comes first!

Qualification and Experience

Expenses are important, but what’s more important is the certification and experience of your plastic surgeon who will perform the surgery. It is vital to ensure your safety and the success of surgery. Ask your surgeon about his certifications and his experiences with plastic surgery procedures.

Before and after photos

In your initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, ask him to show you his compilation of before and after photos of patients who have undertaken the same surgical procedure. It would give you a clear picture of how the surgery will affect you. If you are satisfied, you can look for another doctor and treatment. These photos will also help you have realistic expectations from the surgery.


It is important that you understand the procedure of the surgery in detail. In the consultation before surgery, ask questions to your surgeons about all of your concerns so you are aware about what’s going to happen.


Even if plastic surgeries are being performed in abundance, they are still considered major surgeries. There would be certain risks associated with the surgery that you should discuss with your doctor. Your surgeon may give you instructions before and after the surgery to avoid any complications. It is important that you share your medical history with the surgeon so that he could design the right treatment with lower risks.

Recovery period

There is a significant downtime and recovery period associated with almost every surgical procedure. Ask your doctor about the required downtime. Discuss with your doctor so you could plan something for the recovery period prior to the surgery.  Take off from work, arrange a babysitter if you have kids or someone to take care of you according to the recovery plan by your plastic surgeon. It would also help you to choose the most appropriate time for the surgery.


We recommend you to postpone your surgery if you are pregnant or suffering from a serious medical condition. Your mental health is also important, the cosmetic treatments are considered to

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