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Skin Whitening Treatment

Did you just have a skin lightening treatment in Sharjah or elsewhere? Or are you planning to have one?

Whatever the case is, you need to be aware of a list of do’s and don’ts for your post-treatment care. Find them below!

The Don’ts!

Avoid the Sun: Prolonged sun exposure isn’t deemed very healthy for the skin so you need to be extra vigilant about it after your glowing complexion treatment in Sharjah & Dubai. Whenever you need to step out in the skin, use a good sunscreen and carry an umbrella overhead.

Don’t expect Miracles: Results from a skin whitening treatment don’t appear overnight; it takes time and requires patience. Don’t be frustrated if the skin doesn’t look brighter immediately after the treatment. Give your body time to adjust to the new changes.

The Do’s!

Take care of your skin: A treatment to get rid of that dark skin tone doesn’t mean your journey ends there. You need to be very careful in taking care of your skin post-treatment. Follow your doctor’s instructions closely and maintain a good standard of hygiene to prevent infections.

Maintain your results: While a skin whitening treatment can restore your skin color, the result of the treatment itself needs to be maintained. You’ll have to avoid sun exposure, using harmful products and settling into a lousy lifestyle. A good overall health will have to be maintained to keep the results permanently in place.

The list can be a lengthy one, but these are the most important points you need to keep in mind. Just closely follow your doctor’s advice and you won’t usually face any problem.

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