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Skin Whitening Creams can Cause Long-Term Damage, Doctors Warn

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Skin Whitening Creams

Many women’s, who want to make their skin complexion fair, find skin whitening creams an easy way to achieve their goals,. Skin whitening creams have long been accused of unpredictable and variable results by lots of women also but important thing to know is that this million dollar industry can cause far more serious problems that the women using these creams or planning to use them are unaware of. Many of the creams that claim providing effective and beneficial results often cause long-term damages to the skin.

Skin whitening creams are the most popular skin care product but those who demand these products are unaware of their hazardous long-term side effects. Doctors warn that most of the skin whitening creams, available in the market, have often dangerous compounds that can cause lethal long term health concerns and skin problems. The common skin problems caused by these creams include pigmentation, acne and skin thinning but besides these problems, use of skin whitening creams can also lead to skin cancer, liver damage and mercury poisoning. Here we will have a look on some common long-term damages caused by fairness creams.

Skin thinning:

Repeated use of skin whitening cream without recommendations of dermatologist can cause skin thinning. It is the skin condition that is characterized by exposed capillaries, stretch marks, bruising and other severe problems. Usually over the counter fairness creams contain steroids that are not suitable for thin facial skin and cause damages.


Often people having acne scars on the skin use skin whitening creams to improve the tone of skin and lighten the scars. The steroids present in the creams block the pores on facial skin leading to development of more acne.

Pigmentation alterations:

Hyper-pigmentation – dark patches on the skin – is also most of the times caused by repeated use of fairness creams. These dark spots on the skin are very difficult to remove. The steroids in the creams also make melonocytes stop producing melanin that leads to appearance of light pink spots on the skin. Pigmentation on the skin surface caused by skin whitening creams is very difficult and sometimes impossible to treat.

High blood sugar:

Steroids used in the fairness creams also causes diabetes. For the people who already suffer from diabetes, skin whitening creams raise the level of sugar. So, before using any cream, you must consult a dermatologist so that he can recommend you the most appropriate one.

It is the fact that many skin whitening creams cause long term damage to the skin but if you use the cream that has appropriate ingredients prescribed by an experienced dermatologist; you can get effective results without any long-term damage. On the other hand, certain laser and skin care cosmetic treatments are also available for skin whitening. So, if you want to improve complexion of your skin, you should consult an experienced dermatologist before using any topical skin whitening cream.

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