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Scar revision for acne marks on the face is among the most popular dermatological procedures performed today. Thankfully there are numerous methods of tackling the issue people face with facial acne scars and needling is one of them. It uses an old fashioned approach that is still fundamentally in use today with fractional lasers and is considered outdated by doctors. It is a surgeon’s duty to make sure that patients with scars coming in for surgery are properly evaluated to determine functional, personal and aesthetic issues arising with scarring. It is however the patient’s responsibility to ensure that such factors is not compromised upon in the favor of cheaper options.

Microneedling, or cutaneous induction therapy as it is more formally known, has its own set of pros and cons as does any cosmetic surgical procedure. And very much like other alternative cosmetic procedures, the aim is to improve the patient’s quality of life, functionality, self-confidence and aesthetic compatibility. Perfection cannot be attained through cosmetic surgery and scarring cannot be totally removed, but it can be alleviated enough to appear faded and disguised without hindering social or self-perception. In the pre-operative evaluation appointment with your surgeon, a number of factors will be discussed, expectations, motives and health stability are determined while the treatment area is examined to outline the best approach towards treating the problem. Communication and bonding between the surgeon and the patient is imperative to ensure best results in scar revision treatment.

The procedure involved in microneedling is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation technique that utilizes the body’s natural response system to heal existent scars that are not usually being given much attention by the body. This gentle nudge towards the body treating scars is made possible by utilization of a device (usually a roller) that is studded with delicate needles in ergonomic or regular patterns. Upon gentle application along the treated area, the needles make tiny punctures in the skin to an extent that they are controllable. Each puncture wound grants a reaction from the body to address the skin punctures by generating necessary rejuvenating skin fibers such as elastin and collagen. Ultimately – with variably successful results – this neocollagenesis and restored vascularization improves skin tone and tensile strength while enhancing appearance of stretch marks and reducing pore size.

Collagen Induction Therapy is not much used everywhere owing to its outdated technique and evolution of the more precise, faster and beneficial laser therapy. Wrinkles and scars however can still be treated using needling for scar revision. Since the skin remain intact and controlled puncture wounds are tiny in size, this procedure can be conducted where it is hard to reach or treat using laser such as next to the eyes and lips. Dermabrasion and chemical peels work in a way that it removes the top layer of skin that is then replaced with newer collagen from below. Needling products can be bought cheap, the procedure itself is not so pricey and can still manage a remarkable lot by improving skin quality and decreasing scar visibility. It does not require much preparation apart from application of topical numbing cream an hour before treatment.

Multiple treatments will be prescribed if necessary depending on the severity of the condition as well as patient peculiarities and expectations. Mild and moderate acne scarring may necessitate 3 or 4 sessions whereas deeper scars can take at least 5 sessions separated by 4-6 weeks of recuperative time period. Each doctor will utilize a unique approach based on how each patient will be individually considered and treated.

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