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Skin Care treatment in Dubai

Laser skin care is a procedure in which intense light such as laser light is used to heat a part of the body which make a controlled wound and initiates the collagen production in that part of the body. Due to this collagen production of new skin is formed. The newly formed skin is smoother and fairer compared to the skin that had peeled off due to the laser.

How to care for skin after laser skin treatment?

Caring for skin after laser treatment is very important or else you will get your old skin back.

First Night

On the first night, you will be advised to sleep with the slightly elevated head.

Use lubricant if you are experiencing irritation in eyes

You will also be advised to place a paper or towel over your pillow to avoid sticking your ointment and cream to the pillow.

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The first day after the procedure

Avoid using hot water while taking a shower however you can take shower with room temperature water.

You should avoid direct sunlight as well as excessive heat on your first day.

Keep applying healing ointment to the treated area to make sure that your skin is wet all the time.

Wash your face with room temperature water to avoid any complication.

The second day after the procedure

Continue applying ointments and creams prescribed by the doctor.

In case of severe itching, an itching cream prescribed by the doctor should be applied. Also, avoid scratching the affected area.

Wash your face with room temperature water and use face wash.

On the second day, the swelling will subside and your skin will become bronze. Your skin will also feel gritty.

Itching will begin on this day and the affected area will be below the jawline.

Fourth to Seventh-day after the treatment

Use a non-irritating sunblock when going outdoors so that you won’t scratch your face while outside.

During this time use mineral makeup powder.

The itching would have been subsided at this point.

You can do more aggressive exfoliation at this point with your figure tips but be careful not to pick the skin or else you will create problems for yourself.

Seventh to the twenty-fourth day after your procedure

Avoid excessive sunlight as much as possible for 4 weeks after laser skin care treatment. Use clothing or hats to cover the affected area.

You can return to your normal exercise routine during this time.

Continue using appropriate moisturizer for your skin till it goes back to its normal hydrated form because lasers are known to dry skin. This period will last for 3 to 4 weeks.

You can start the regular skin care program if the treated skin has been healed.

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During this period you should continue applying nonirritating sunblock, as well as mineral makeup to protect the treated areas. Do not use any liquid form of makeup because it can enter the pores causing irritation.

In one month you will be back to normal and there is no limitation to laser treatment however you should try to avoid sunlight as much as possible because laser skin treatment doesn’t make your skin sun proof. If you don’t protect your skin from the sun then your old skin will return.

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