Rejuvenate your Skin through Fractional CO2 Treatment

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Rejuvenate your Skin through Fractional CO2 Treatment

Everyone wants to have smooth, youthful and fresh skin but these days aside aging there are a number of other factors that greatly affect the skin and it suffers from a number of problems. Sun damage and acne leaving behind visible scars are also some skin problems. But fortunately, cosmetic treatments have revolutionized a lot and now there are a number of treatments that are useful for solving cosmetic problems and at the present, there is no such cosmetic issue that has remained untreated. One of the most new and an effective cosmetic treatment is fractional CO2 laser treatment that rejuvenates your skin.

Lasers has been in use for cosmetic treatments for years but CO2 fractional laser is an advanced and latest generation. Conventional lasers target a large area of skin in single beam but on other hand, fractional laser several microscopic beams of laser that form small laser punctures in the skin and leaves surrounding area that does not need treatment undamaged. The untreated tissues help in making healing process fast.

The procedure for the treatment takes nearly 4 hours, is done under local anesthesia and is safe and well tolerated. The recovery time required for the procedure is nearly 1 to 2 weeks. There might be mild side effects that are temporary and go away over the time.

If you strictly follow the advice of your physician after getting the treatment, you can enjoy long lasting results. The skin tightened by laser can remain as it is for several months. Moreover if you constantly avoid sun by using vitamin C serums advised by your dermatologists along with sunscreens – as sunscreens are not enough for protection from sun – you can enjoy your new complexion after the treatment for years.

Fractional CO2 treatment is useful for the treatment of following cosmetic problems:

  • Wrinkles and lines that appear on the skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Lax skin present around the eyes
  • Saggy and loose skin of neck
  • Pigmentation due to aging and sun damage due to UV rays

Anyone who desires to improve the texture, tone or tightness of his or her skin can go through this treatment. Along with facial skin, this treatment is equally suitable for neck, chest, arms and hands also.

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