Regaining your Looks and Confidence with Micro Pigmentation

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Micro Pigmentation treatment in Dubai

Micro pigmentation is one of the advanced types of cosmetic surgery. It is a kind of permanent make up but don’t think it is funky eye makeup or glossy lips. This treatment is used to create cosmetic tattoo on the region where you apply makeup. You can go anywhere without doing make up or you don’t have to worry about to wash it and you look perfect all the time. It’s not only this, now it is used to produce natural looking results that can improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

Now, micro pigmentation is also used to conceal the appearance of scars, the pigment would be carefully matched with your skin to create a seamless and natural effect. The micro pigmentation treatment is also used to create the effect of hair follicles where the scar has caused loss of hair. Men usually need this treatment for the scar that has stop facial hair from growing out in the eyebrow, chin or upper lip area, they give the appearance of growing hair to make it look perfect.

You may require few repetitive sessions of micro pigmentation treatment depending upon the area, size and type of micro pigmentation to achieve the desired results. You can share your expectations with the doctor in the initial consultation and try to understand the procedure thoroughly so you are confident about your decision. However, there are some important things that you should know before going for micro pigmentation.

Yet, if you’re one of many who are considering turning to surgery to get ruby red lips or sexy cat eyes forever, read these things you should know about permanent makeup first.

Micro Pigmentation can go Wrong

It is possible that you don’t get the results the same as you were hoping for. It largely depends on your doctor and you. It is very important that you explain your requirements and the reason you are opting for micro pigmentation treatment so your doctor can design the treatment that is right for you.

Treatment may Cause Damage

It is possible that your skin reacts to the ink causing a scar or damaging the skin tissue or any allergic reaction that worsens the condition. Such a condition may lead you to undergo another reconstructive procedure to fix the problem causing you more money and discomfort. Permanent eyeliner is most common type of treatment other than camouflaging the scars, it is possible that the area around your eye gets damaged or it may cause irritation.

Fake Looking Results

Micro pigmentation can result into fake looking results. If you are getting a treatment to conceal the appearance of scars or pigmentation conditions, micro pigmentation is the right treatment but if the pigment is not carefully matched, it can result into fake looking makeup. You need to understand that colours may look different after this treatment than the one when you apply makeup. Choose colours that can easily mix with your natural skin pigment.

Risk of Infections

There is a potential risk of infection that can be caused after the treatment because of inefficiency and lack of experience of your doctor performing the procedure. It is very important that you have chosen a well experienced doctor so you don’t have a fear of infection, swelling or inflammation. It also depends on you, you have to follow the instructions given by your doctor to avoid any such conditions

Micro Pigmentation can be Temporary

It is possible that the effects of micro pigmentation fade after 10 or more years, you will have to undergo a treatment again because it will look worn out.

Decide Carefully

If you have decided to undergo this surgical treatment, we will recommend you to choose the best clinic that has good reputation and a highly qualified and experienced doctor. Ask for his certifications and license to be on the safe side. Ask him to show you the before and after photos of previous cases so you have the clear idea about the treatment.

It is also important that you think about the treatment you are going to opt for or what results you expect. You may get tired of the same look every day, ask your doctor for the cost of reversing the procedure, if it’s possible. Regaining your Looks and Confidence with Micro pigmentation.

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