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Red Spots & Acne Scars Treatment Dubai

The former are characterized by flat red or brown spots left in place of the pimples that one grew on the spot. Hyperpigmentation of this kind may also occur after inflammation in some skin types. Red spots and acne scars treatment Dubai is commonplace and is catered by through some of the most experienced dermatologists in the field compounded with advanced tools and techniques.

Discoloration of the skin leaving marks behind such as dark spots also stem from ageing, excessive ultraviolet exposure (damage to the skin through tanning) and even from birth control pills.

In almost all cases acne marks and dark spots received from skin puncture wounds will fade away on their own. But for other individuals it may take a long period of time ranging from months to many years for them to ultimately lighten because of their relation to various time and lifestyle factors. Allergic and ageing marks however do not fade out on their own, and on the contrary can worsen with time.

According to studies and extensive medical research have reported that post-inflammatory discoloration in the area inflammation broke out can respond immensely well to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. This requires almost no downtime and is ideal for people who need an immediate fix. Usually patients who have to attend some significant social event or are on a tight schedule are good candidates when the other factors are properly evaluated. There are a set of associated risks to IPL treatments that people with darker skins and basically everyone should consider discussing with their surgeon before going for this type of treatment.

Prescription medications such as tretinoin and Retinoids can work well for some patients. Combined with monthly chemical peels conducted by an experienced cosmetic dermatologist can yield remarkable results. Between the two patients can experience new cell growth smoother superficial dermis and increased skin health. Skin tone is also improved based on the personalized medication prescribed. For those with red or brown spots and depressed acne scars the cosmetologist would probably recommend trichloroacetic acid peel which is more potent and effective.

Indented acne scars of greater intensity have more complex treatment options. This is due to the extent of damage and increased lack of collagen. An issue such as that cannot be simply eradicated with topical skin care products or even prescribed medication. Dermal fillers are good to plump put depressions in facial skin restoring lost volume and beginning a more youthful appearance. However the patient will require top ups every 4-6 months.

Dermal filler treatment combined with mild chemical peel therapy or a few session of fractional laser treatments produce the best results. Radiofrequency treatments work in a similar way to fractional laser inducing collagen production.

Traditional dermabrasion is a good option to consider but there is an adverse effect involved due to the action of bruising the skin leaving it susceptible to infection. Preventive antibiotics and topical creams should be used along with proper hygiene to yield average results.

Microneedling treatments carried out with a dermaroller or laser conducted by a trained professional can have the same effect since it stimulates the body to create collage. But it should only be entrusted to a specialist otherwise you may end up doing more harm than before. Depressed acne scars can also be treated with autologous fat transfer harvested from the patient’s body to reduce possibility of allergic response. This is a dual process where lipectomy-facilitated cultivation of body fat from healthy areas is followed by the injection of fat grafts. Final results are noticed after several months.

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All available red spots and acne scars treatment in Dubai have their own set of pros and cons. So it is necessary to obtain background knowledge first before going for a pre-operative consultation. It is not uncommon for your dermatologist to recommend more than one treatment combined for exact results based on your expectations and condition. As explained above, this is necessary in some cases to achieve optimal results. Do not go for the cheaper options by compromising on the quality of treatment since it is natural to invest time and money in achieving the best aesthetic outcome. Lucky for you can get a free per-operative consultation with a leading dermatologist expert to guide you simply by sending in a short query form on the portal. Sign up today for a free consultation without obligations!

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