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Do you miss your former baby soft and smooth skin? Have the pollution, age and sun damage made your skin lifeless? Our facial skin does turn dull and enervated but it can be repaired for sure.

What Makes Oxygen Facial Better than Other Facials?

Traditional Facials work only on the surface of the skin. They don’t work penetrate deep beneath the skin and only get rid of the dull, dehydrated skin. It brightens the skin for a few days, following the treatment but the results are not long term. Oxygen facial not only brightens the surface but softens the wrinkles from within by boosting the collagen production. Often times, dermatologists recommend performing oxygen facial with a couple of other techniques to target multiple skin issues in one go.

Oxygen facial is a spectacular treatment that will help to bring back the lost glory to your face. Want to know the benefits of it? Here they are the three most important ones;

  • Glow with Moisturization

Oxygen facial offers dramatic results for ladies who are experiencing excessive dryness. Pollution hit faces don’t just look lifeless, they also go dry beyond repair. Traditional facials don’t do the job. Oxygen facial penetrates deep into your skin, sucks out the impurities and imparts it the hydration it needs.

  • Feel the Blush

Take the rescue of oxygen facial and rejoice the lost sheen and radiance of your skin. It not only gets rid of all the impurities and improves the blood circulation, giving it a radiant blushed appearance. Who needs a blush, when you have an oxygen facial? I know I don’t.

  • Acne-Free Face

When your pores get trapped, you are left with a face loaded with acne. The facial dramatically reduces the pore size and offers deep cleansing as well. It kills the bacteria and offers an acne free skin for life.

  • Even Skin Tone

Dryness often leads to a patchy and uneven skin tone. Oxygen facial gets rid of all the dry patches and treats the pigmentation issues as well. As a result, you get an even skin tone with a glow that puts the moon to the shame.

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