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Microdermabrasion to reduce the size of pores

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reduce the size of pores

Tiny pores on our facial skin have significant importance because these little holes are the house for hair follicles and sebaceous glands and serve as the gateway for skin’s natural oil and sebum. But sometimes these small pores are enlarged and not only affect the aesthetic appearance of facial skin but their clogging also leads to certain skin problems like acne breakouts and blemishes. In order to improve the facial appearance and prevent acne breakouts, the sufferers of enlarged pores seek some effective method to reduce their size. There are various methods available for their reduction including home remedies, topical creams and cosmetic treatments but here we will discuss about microdermabrasion only.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that is helpful for a number of aesthetic skin problems. It is an amazing way to rejuvenate the facial skin and is an effective method for the reduction of small pores also. This treatment basically uses mini blaster that abrades the top layers of skin and exposes new fresh and healthy skin beneath it. This treatment is effective but requires few sessions to give desired results.

How the procedure is done? A small tube is moved across the skin surface that blows tiny micro crystals on the skin. At the same time, the device sucks up these particles along with dead skin cells. This way the top dead layer of skin is removed and the new skin beneath it appears that has reduced pores. This treatment also boosts the production of collagen, which results in younger looking and smoother skin. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the skin that gives volume to the skin and keeps it healthy and taut.

Microdermabrasion gives long lasting results and is done in several sessions depending on the appearance of pores. No downtime or recovery time is required for the treatment and there are no serious side effects associated with it. However, a little discomfort is felt that is usually short-lived including swelling and redness, which subsides in couple of hours. After the procedure is done, you need to apply moisturizer and sunscreen regularly.

There are certain benefits associated with the procedure of microdermabrasion that will surely make you consider it for the reduction of enlarged pores. It also eliminates the blackheads by removing the heads of the plugs that block the pores. After the removal of blackheads, the pores are opened and then oil and dirt is also sucked out of these pores. When nothing remains there in them, they become tight.

In short, microdermabrasion is perfect procedure for reducing the size of enlarged pores and helps prevent blackheads if proper skin care routine is also followed along with it.

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