Mask Acne Treatment


Since the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic, human life has drastically changed. It has changed the standards of living and has introduced a new normal in our lives. Public health officials are now urging people to wear face masks in public gatherings so that the transmission of the virus can be slowed down. However, the continuous face covering with masks has given birth to a new skin condition known as Maskne or Acne Mechanica. While the face masks are helping people in fighting coronavirus, they have also caused a different kind of acne outbreak.

Healthcare professionals are more prone to Maskne because they wear numerous layers of masks for a long time while treating patients. As it is a new skin condition emerging among people, many people have no idea about it. Therefore, we will explain what maskne is and how it can be treated.

What is Maskne?

Maskne refers to the skin condition in which acne starts popping up in the areas that are covered with face masks like nose, cheeks, jawline and mouth. The most common type of maskne is acne mechanica which normally occurs in football players. 

What is the cause of Maskne?

Face masks are made up of cloth or non-medical grade material designed to cover your mouth and nose. When your face is covered for a longer time, the sweat and oil start building up on the skin which leads to sebum accumulation in the pores. When your skin pores get clogged with sebum, tiny pimples or white bumps appear on your skin which are referred to as maskne.

People with oily skin will experience increased oil and sweat production in the area under and around the face mask. The chance of sweating increases in warm and humid climates and such an environment is ideal for bacterial growth. Also, if masks are worn for hours and hours without washing, they become the breeding ground for bacteria.  All these factors contribute to the occurrence of maskne. 

How to avoid Maskne?

You can avoid maskne by following certain guidelines.

  • Carefully choose the type of mask for yourself. Dermatologists usually suggest 100% cotton material for face masks because it enables the skin to breathe a bit. You need to balance the weight of mask material with its level of protection. 
  • Also, wash your masks frequently to keep them clean because you will sweat more in high temperatures. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear the masks that already have dirt, oil and sweat in them.
  • Maintain a proper skincare routine which includes gentle cleansing and moisturizing. You should use a non-soap and gentle cleanser and your moisturizer should be mild and fragrance-free. When you remove the mask, wash your face and cleanse it so that all the dirt and oil can be removed from the pores. After cleansing, use a moisturizer that not only moisturizes the skin but also protect it against mask friction. 
  • Avoid the products that have acids or retinol in them because they can cause irritation.

Clinical Treatments for Maskne

If you are suffering from maskne and you want to get rid of it before it worsens, opt for clinical acne treatments. Maskne is a kind of acne and can be treated with professional acne treatments like chemical peels, topical treatments and laser skin resurfacing. Among all acne treatments, laser skin resurfacing is the best option. It is suitable for all skin and acne types. It utilizes fractional CO2 laser to kill the acne-causing bacteria and resurface the skin. Also, laser skin resurfacing can effectively unclog the pores which is the major reason for acne formation. 

Take Away 

Maskne is a real thing occurring in a majority of people due to prolonged mask-wearing. You cannot stop wearing face masks because they protect you against COVID-19 and stop the transmission of the virus. However, you can avoid maskne by choosing suitable masks, washing them frequently and cleaning your face properly. If you feel that things are getting out of hands, visit a dermatologist as soon as possible. 

An expert dermatologist can help you in treating maskne. He will examine your skin and will recommend you the best-suited procedure. You can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to get maskne treated. We offer a variety of acne treatments for our patients. You can book an initial consultation with our dermatologists for free. All you have to do is, fill in the consultation form given below and our representatives will schedule your appointment.